10 Perks of bodyweight training [Updated 2018]

Benefits of body weight training

​It is time to get back to basics and start using your body weight to be strong and fit again.

The nice thing about body weight workout is that it is all about going back to the simplest form of exercise… No equipment required.

You can look and feel better than ever to get fit and shape your best body ever using your own body weight. Workout help you to learn how to use your body correctly. Gym machines and weights have their place, but you can get incredible results but raining with nothing more than your own body.

10 hot body perks of body weight exercise:

1. It can be done anywhere:

Body weight training can be done in the privacy of your own home and don’t need to join a gym. Most exercises can be done in a 2 by 2 meter space. You can keep up your routine whether you are at work, on vacation or traveling. Bodyweight training is sustainable.

Most people can commit to low to high intensity exercise a few times a week or find a few minutes a day to do a good workout. Body weight exercises are easy to sustain for the Long Haul as long as exercises are super convenient.

2. It is Efficient:

Bodyweight training saves time as you do not have to adjust weights or machines during your workout. You lose precious moments while changing weight instead of burning fat, building muscle and torching kilojoules.

Not to mention the time wasting in queues waiting for machines to open or a set of dumbbells that you need. No more wasting time with bodyweight exercises, leaving you free to build a leaner and stronger body.

3. It blasts body fat:

Best slimming down and toning up resistance training moves:

  • checkWorking multiple muscle groups at the same time
  • checkSwitch easily between exercises that work different parts of the body.
  • checkCan be made easier or harder to allow working without stopping and resting.
  • checkDone anywhere, anytime with minimal space and equipment.

guy doing push ups

For Maximum fat blasting, use alternating set formats with no rest or minimal rest between movements. To release key fat burning hormones while burning loads of kilojoules, use short rest periods, usually 30 seconds or fewer.

This is known as metabolic resistance training and provides maximum body fat burning in the shortest amount of time, delivering and Afterburn that can Elevate your metabolism for several hours after you’ve done and boosts cardiovascular Health.

4. Trains your brain:

Body weight exercise build muscle and train your brain while machines only train your muscles. Exercise machines ultimately does not invite your brain to a fitness party as machines were created to Target and isolate a certain muscle group and to simplify exercises, making exercising easier but leaving your brain out of it.

With a machine you don’t really learn the movement but just go through the motions. You don’t train your muscles to stabilize your joints increasing your risk of injury.

Bringing your brain into the training equation and using your body as your tool, your brain needs to communicate with your muscles to do the movement.

5. Build balance and prevent injury:

A well balanced body with muscles on the front being in proportion with those on your back side can be attained with bodyweight training.

A sedentary, seated Lifestyle has negatively affected your posture and changed your bone and joint positioning, causing movement that leads to pain.

Body weight training, strengthen your joints by taking them through full range motions.

ladies in gym without weights

​On the other hand, machines makes it easy to complete too many of one exercise without doing enough of the opposite exercise, decreasing your mobility and creates an imbalance in your muscles.

6. Strengthens your core:

woman doing ab training

If you want sexy ABS the good news is that you can sculpt them while watching series in your lounge.

Body weight exercises are extremely core intensive and targets your abs way more than machine or barbell alternatives.

Studies found that planks, especially side planks, are effective at building ABS without stressing your spine.

Another advantage is that body weight squats are much softer on your spine than barbell squats and you can do them anywhere.

7. A perfectly proportioned physique:

Being lean and toned will build serious self-esteem and is one of the most powerful motivators when it comes to working out with consistency. Body weight training scalp to your most natural physique by maximizing your genetic potential.

Strengthening your legs, shaping your shoulders, and sculpting a firm and fears midsection, you’ll achieve your best body ever with the best exercises.

8. Both beginners and experts:

News flash: You don’t need to pump iron to build muscle. Yes, you can get strong and toned without doing any heavy lifting. You just need movements that activate All The Right muscles.

The beauty of body weight training is that beginners do not require any equipment to start and the basic moves are the perfect place for endurance athletes who may not have much strength training experience.

beginner and expert weight trainers

In order to progress, as with any type of training, you need to constantly push yourself with more challenging exercises. The greater the intensity the greater the results.

As you progress you can make any exercise harder or easier based on your goals. With your body as the only tool to get the job done, you can use harder movements with fewer reps to build strength and boost muscle or easier movements with higher reps to kick up fat loss.

9. Full of variety:

There is instant gratification with using heavier weights in the gym, but body weight training can have the same level of satisfaction and more, because the pursuit of overcoming gravity is endless.

With why training, progress comes in the form of using heavier weights but with body weight training, you are always striving to perform more advanced skills. With your goal and schedule in mind, you have hundreds you have of ways to design work out using the same exercises based on your Fitness level.

Use body weight training to bust through any Fitness plateau and kick boredom to the curb. The options are endless. Body weight training provides a system that you can use for the rest of your life without repetition.

10. Preparing you for life:

Body weight movements prepare your body for the way it will be used everyday with natural functional and athletic movements. Whether it is going up the stairs, improving your reaction time to catch yourself when your trip, or sitting correctly in a chair.

You will develop all the muscles in your body to their full potential. Improving your entire neuromuscular system, not just your muscles by focusing on movements instead of specific muscle groups, and advance your overall body awareness.

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