Anadrol Review: How about a safer alternative supplement?

Thinking of buying Anadrol? Why not try Anadrole instead which delivers exactly the same results, minus the harmful side effects

If you’re keen on buying Anadrol to boost up your training regime, you’ve found just the right place to learn more about this product and understand whether you should really buy it or not.

Not only will we tell you about Anadrol in good detail, we’ll also inform you about some of its safest alternatives which deliver exactly the same results as Anadrol, but without any harmful side effects.

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Please make sure that you go through the FAQs section, at the end of this write-up, where we’ve addressed all regularly asked questions by visitors to our website, specifically related to Anadrol.

Being a bodybuilder, we presume that your primary goal is to build body mass, ample strength and well-defined muscles. A great number of steroids have been used in the past for this, some with excellent results, however, it can’t be denied that almost all of them pose major health risks, which can sometimes be too big to overlook.

Although testosterone and some other anabolic steroids are legally available in a few countries, it’s not the case with the USA. Nevertheless, these steroids continue to find their application and usage in the medical field, and are regularly used on patients suffering from conditions like asthma and more. They’re particularly effective and safe if used on a short-term basis and under proper doctor supervision.

Steroids were actually developed and came into being for treating people suffering from anemia, in order to increase their red blood cells count. Such increase in RBCs is exactly what all bodybuilders are after. The bodybuilders of the present generation continue to seek the same steroid pump that they used to freely enjoy at one point of time (with steroids), however, minus the side effects.

In the modern times, Anadrol steroid is by far one of the most potent drugs used regularly by bodybuilders. Some of the other popular names that Anadrol steroid is known by are A-Bombs, A 50 or Oxymetholone.

If you too have been using Anadrol or some other steroid, please keep in mind that there is nothing that replaces dedicated training, proper diet and a stringent exercise regime, when you wish to bulk up and gain strength.

Not denying this truth, it is also true that you can sometimes do with a little help from some safe product/s. And this is where a safe Anadrol alternative known as Anadrole comes into the picture.

Regardless, let’s first go over a few tips you must keep in mind before using any steroids.

What exactly are Anadrol steroids?

Anadrol steroids are a type of steroids that were originally created for helping people suffering from anemia, enabling them to increase the red blood cells counts in their bodies.

When used under doctors’ provision and correctly, patients consuming Anadrol steroids were also found to gain ample body weight, better appetite as well as improved body strength. It can actually be termed as a wonder drug for anemic patients if used with proper care and under proper medical supervision.

Anadrol steroid has also proven its effectiveness in treatment of people suffering from other deadly diseases like AIDS. In a trial carried out for 30 weeks, patients regularly using Anadrol steroid were found to have gained plenty of strength and weight during the first 10 to 20 weeks of the trial. Post 20 weeks, they didn’t experience any major beneficial effects of Anadrol.

What are the possible side effects of Anadrol usage?

It’s important that you educate yourself about the negative and harmful side effects of Anadrol usage before starting its consumption. Although it can’t be denied that A50 is by far the most powerful steroid you can find in the marketplace today, it can be extremely hard on your liver, especially if used regularly for longer time periods.

Its abuse may also cause hallucinations, irritability, high lipid levels, insulin resistance and testicles shrinkage.

Some of the short-term side effects of Anadrol steroid usage may include conditions like elevated blood pressure, sleeplessness and headaches. We’d like to strongly emphasize that anyone under doctor’s care and suffering from high blood pressure must completely avoid Anadrol use.

 Consuming Anadrol with high blood pressure can majorly increase the risk of stroke, heart attack or some other heart disease.

For people not suffering from high blood pressure, it is popularly believed that they can enjoy major benefits of Anadrol steroid usage if they use it for a short-term, for instance anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks, under proper supervision.

Any bodybuilder that uses Anadrol steroid on a regular basis, for such short-term periods may witness major increases in his muscle mass during the first 3 weeks. However, please note that the negative and harmful side effects of Anadrol steroid may continue until the time you stop taking the steroid altogether.

What can be termed as a safe dosage for strength trainers and bodybuilders, to see the best Anadrol results?

If we talk specifically about the world of athletics, the popular belief is that Anadrol steroid is relatively safer if used only for short time periods, simply as a kick starter.

However, it is when you start some stringent cycle or exercise regime, targeted at building substantial muscle strength and muscle mass, a steroid like Anadrol can help you gain good muscle weight, as quickly as 1 lb each day.

You’ll also experience an enhanced ability of lifting more weight, in quick time.

The constant increase in the RBC level of your body, will also make your muscles grow very quickly during the training period. However, please keep in mind that the Anadrol results will quickly get reversed once you stop taking it, more so if you had been using it only for weight gain.

If you’re a strength trainer or a bodybuilder, and consume around 50 mg of Anadrol per day, it’d be termed as a sort of safe and conservative dosage for you. It’s actually the recommended dosage in various athletics circles.

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Consuming anywhere from 50 mg 100 mg of Anadrol steroid per day would allow you to experience its benefits more rapidly. It’s only when you increase its consumption to 100 mg or more per day that you’ll start witnessing its harmful side effects. Furthermore, it must be noted that increasing its dosage to that level may not guarantee corresponding increase in its benefits.

About a safe Anadrol alternative

It can’t be denied that Anadrol is definitely an excellent product for any strength trainer or bodybuilder, but it’s also a highly dangerous one.

Anyone who is keen on using a safe Anadrol alternative, must check out a product called Anadrole. This bodybuilding supplement enables you to enjoy the same benefits of the Anadrol steroid, however without any of its harmful side effects.

What exactly is Anadrole?

It’s basically a bodybuilding supplement developed primarily for mimicking the Anadrol benefits, without causing any of its negative side effects. In addition, it can also be purchased as a non-prescription Anadrol 50 alternative.

Anadrole bodybuilding supplement is available in a pill form, and hence you don’t need to suffer the pain of any injections. It works best when you complement it with a healthy diet and proper water intake.

Anadrole bodybuilding supplement is actually a legal steroid that has some amazing positive results. Just as Anadrol steroid, this one too increases the production of red blood cells in the user’s body, which is very crucial as RBCs are carriers of oxygen to the body’s muscles.

 It is only when muscles are fully oxygenated that they can perform at optimum levels and experience rapid growth, longer endurance and less amount of fatigue.

Many bodybuilders and athletes regularly use Anadrole supplement during their strength and building cycles. Anyone who consumes Anadrole supplement on a regular basis is bound to experience major lean muscle gains, apart from significant increase in physical strength and power. In fact, you can put on as much as 15 to 20 pounds of pure muscle mass during your first building cycle.

Various nonprofessional as well as professional athletes depend on Anadrole supplement, with the primary aim of adding lean and clean muscle mass to their bodies. How it also helps is that they’re not just able to gain some quality muscles, but also maintain their waistlines owing to the boosted testosterone levels in their bodies.

Anyone wanting to enjoy massive and fast gains from Anadrol steroid usage, must opt for Anadrole bodybuilding supplement instead.

Benefits of Anadrole supplement

First and foremost, Anadrole supplement is completely safe and legal to use. As also mentioned earlier, anyone wanting to use Anadrole can buy it without the need of a doctor’s prescription.

What more, you can even buy Anadrole online within a matter of few seconds, by placing an order at the Crazy Bulk website.

It must also be noted that Anadrole usage doesn’t adversely affect the hormonal balance in the user’s body, nor does it put his liver in any sort of danger. The same way, you’ll not need to undergo any sort of post-cycle treatment, as usage of this bodybuilding supplement doesn’t suppress testosterone production in the body, nor does it cause any harmful estrogenic effects.

When you use Anadrole supplement on a regular basis, not only will you gain more muscle mass and strength, you’ll also find yourself recovering quickly after stringent workout sessions.

Regardless of whether you’re a serious bodybuilder or an amateur, Anadrole supplement is definitely worth trying!

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Anadrole Review

Let’s go through all the important features and details of Anadrole bodybuilding supplement, sold by Crazy Bulk, and take a closer look at its actual effects.

Talking about body strength, people using Anadrole supplement on a regular basis are bound to experience major increases in strength, stamina and muscle mass of their bodies, as quickly as within the first 2 weeks of starting product usage!


Not only will they experience spike in their energy levels, they’ll also witness increases in their athletic performance and appetite. However, it may take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to witness major changes as far as the body weight and power output is concerned.

When it comes to building quality muscle mass, regular users of Anadrole supplement have reported putting on anywhere from 5 to 25 lbs of quality muscle mass, without any excess fat deposits or water retention. Such increase in muscle mass results in gaining plenty of body strength.

And such increase in body strength serves as a major advantage for users as normally bulking up quickly is often accompanied with water retention problems and added body fat, both of which are definitely not the ideal byproducts for any bodybuilder.

Talking about results obtained during the bulking cycle, the best outcomes are experienced by people who complement Anadrole usage with other bulking agents. In fact, some users have gone on to achieve the same type of results in 4 months of Anadrole usage that they otherwise experience normally in a year. Not just that, they significantly increase their bench press strength too.

Steroid alternative Anadrole vs Anadrol, the actual steroid

Now, you may ask how is it that an alternative of Anadrol steroid can claim to be better than the steroid itself! This can be worked out by simply having a look at the side effects caused by the steroid and comparing them with the zero side effects of Anadrole supplement.

Some of the negative side effects of Anadrol steroid are gynecomastia, blood pressure fluctuations and water retention. It may also cause other side effects commonly associated with enhanced testosterone levels, such as extreme anger, aggression, acne and hair loss (in men who’re genetically vulnerable to balding).

However, the most significant and dangerous side-effect of consuming Anadrol steroid is the damage it can potentially cause to your liver. As it is a C 17 alpha alkylated or C17 AA anabolic steroid, it’s extremely toxic for the liver. Consuming Anadrol steroid for long-term can cause major damage to your liver. Hence, it’s highly recommended that people interested in using Anadrol must consume it only for short time periods.

Considering the harmful side effects detailed above, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that anyone found buying, possessing or selling Anadrol anywhere off-line or on the Internet, especially in countries like Australia, Canada, UK and USA, could face major penalties and in some cases even prison.

Why use Anadrole supplement instead?

There’s nothing denying that Anadrol steroid usage can help you put on major muscle mass as well as develop significant body strength in a short time frame, but you must ask yourself if you really want to put your health at risk?

Why would anyone in his good senses even try to do so, when there are safer alternatives like Anadrole available in the marketplace which deliver exactly the same results and zero side effects?

We’d like to emphasize again that with Anadrole supplement you get to enjoy all the benefits of Anadrol 50, without any of its harmful side effects.

Where to buy Anadrole supplement from?

If you wish to buy Anadrole supplement, the best place to purchase it is The website stocks some of the most effective and safe bodybuilding supplements as well as pharma quality drugs. You can find a comprehensive line-up of various combos and stacks at the Crazy Bulk website, and also seek assistance regarding the duration of your cycles. So let’s put it in a simple statement:

No harmful side effects, exactly same results and can be purchased on the Internet!

What more do you need?!

Oh, they ship it directly to your residence and use the most discreet packaging. So no one will get to know the contents of the package!

Why would anyone in his sane senses buy Anadrol steroid, when he can buy Anadrole supplement instead, which delivers the same results minus the harmful side effects?


After taking into account all the facts detailed above, it would be safer to say that Anadrole supplement is a far better option than consuming a potentially dangerous and illegal steroid like Anadrol.

If you’re really serious about obtaining the best possible physique, without exposing yourself to Anadrol side effects, you must definitely try this completely natural bodybuilding supplement.

It’s a well-known fact that professional athletes, strength trainers and bodybuilding professionals face a highly competitive arena. Anyone wanting to perform at his best may find that the playing field isn’t exactly leveled if he doesn’t use bodybuilding supplements like Anadrole.

It’s highly recommended that you kick start your Anadrole cycle for obtaining stronger, bigger and better results. If used properly, Anadrole can turn out to be the safest and most effective way of enhancing your training regime.

While you may find Anadrol steroid on sale at many suspicious websites on the Internet, if you wish to buy Anadrole instead, the best place to purchase it is

You’ll grow bigger, stronger and stay safe by using Anadrole!

Anadrol FAQs - All important questions answered

​Can Anadrol be used as an effective and good bulking steroid?

The answer to this question depends entirely on what you perceive as ‘good.’ If your question is whether or not Anadrol can help you in bulking up, the answer is a definite YES. It’s a very good bulking agent.

Using it on a regular basis will boost your appetite and hence you’ll consume more number of calories as well as proteins, necessary for muscle building. Anadrol steroid will also boost the red blood cells count in your body, ensuring that your muscles also receive good quantities of oxygen for proper development.

When that happens, they’ll grow tremendously in strength, enabling you to lift heavier weights. All this in turn will result in bigger muscles. Anadrol steroid will also improve your stamina, ensuring that you don’t get tired or fatigued very easily from your workout sessions.

However, it must also be kept in mind that Anadrol is easily one of the most toxic anabolic steroids out there, and that’s not something very good! The side-effects you may experience because of its regular usage are in fact even worse compared to the deadliest steroids available in the marketplace.

This is also the main reason why a large majority of anabolic steroids were banned in many countries, leading to creation of their safer alternatives.

Is Anadrol actually a prohormone?

There’s a short and simple answer to that question is ‘No!’

Anadrol is not a prohormone. Although it does have some similarities with the latter, in the manner that both can be consumed orally, help in bulking up and in putting on larger muscles in quick time frame, Anadrol is essentially a type of anabolic steroid, implying that it’s actually a type of hormone itself.

On the other hand, a prohormone is actually a precursor to a hormone. It means that it isn’t a hormone yet. However, it is only after you consume a prohormone that your body converts it into an actual hormone, enabling it to help in the muscle building process.

Between Anadrol and Dbol, which is a safer steroid?

Both Anadrol and Dbol lead to excessive water retention in the body, man boobs (or gynecomastia) and sometimes significant damage to the liver. However, with all things being equal, Dianabol or D-bol is far safer compared to Anadrol.

The latter is actually far more toxic and harsher than Dbol. Nevertheless, the proponents of Anadrol aggressively bank on the fact that Anadrol offers greater gains compared to Dbol or any other steroid.

When you use the Dbol, you may experience some problems in your blood pressure. It may also mess up the cholesterol levels in your body. Hence, it’s not recommended to use D-bol if you’re suffering from high blood pressure.

You’ll require plenty of omega fatty acids in order to keep your cholesterol levels in check. On the other hand, Anadrol steroid may also lead to androgenic rated side effects like excessive body hair growth, acne and accelerated hair loss.

What is Anadrol specifically good for?

Anadrol is extremely good if you wish to use it specifically for bulking up and for gaining muscle mass in the quickest manner possible. When used in a bulking cycle, Anadrol can be effectively employed as a kick-starter steroid, as it delivers quicker gains, while you wait for the other steroids in your stack to kick in.

It’s also occasionally added to bulking stacks after you’ve plateaued in terms of your gains, at some point in the middle of your cycle, as it can instantly boost the bulk right away.

Whenever you use Anadrol for training purposes and during the bulking cycle, you’d be able to use it for boosting your stamina, strength and appetite. As your appetite increases, it will automatically help you in bulking up too.

Direct increase in strength from Anadrol usage, enables you to lift heavy weights, while stamina boost as a result of it, allows you to train for longer periods of time. In fact, you may find some athletes gaining anywhere around 20 to 30 pounds of weight during their 4 week cycles.

What can you stack Anadrol with?

It’s recommended that you stack Anadrol with testosterone enanthate. A 12 week cycle is ideal for anyone new, and Anadrol consumption must be indulged in only for the initial 4 weeks. The testosterone enanthate consumption can be continued for the entire 12 week time period.

When do the Anadrol results become evident?

The results or benefits gained from Anadrol steroid usage can manifest pretty quickly. In fact, it’s commonly noticed that the initial gains may come as early as within one week of the bulking cycle.

However, please keep in mind that the side effects caused by it will be immediately visible too. Hence, you must ideally stop its usage after 4 weeks, more so if you are consuming 100 mg of Anadrol per day.

You should avoid going beyond 4 weeks even if your daily consumption is 50 mg. If at all you wish to push further, 6 weeks Anadrol usage is the maximum you should do.

What is Anadrol’s recommended daily dosage?

The daily recommended dosage of Anadrol will depend completely on how the user’s body reacts to it. Anyone who is already experienced in using Anadrol, keeping 50 mg per day intake is good enough.

Some people can even do okay with 100 mg per day; but you must never exceed that amount. Others are of the opinion that the normal recommended daily usage of Anadrol should correspond with one’s body weight.

 Using this theory, 1 mg of Anadrol corresponds to 1 kg of body weight. Hence, if you weigh 75 kg, your recommended daily Anadrol dosage would be 75 mg.

Although some people may say that you can take your daily consumption to a maximum of 150 mg, we’d like to stress that having such high dosages of Anadrol per day can be very risky, especially for your liver.

How to use Anadrol?

If you’re new to the bodybuilding world or steroid use, you’d be better off with around 25 mg of Anadrol consumption per day. It’d better to first understand how your body reacts to Anadrol in the initial 2 weeks.

You may gradually increase the dosage to 40 mg per day, and then to 50 mg per day if you’re able to handle Anadrol’s side effects.

So, if you’ve purchased 50 mg Anadrol tablets, simply break them into two halves and take half a tablet per day. Thereafter, as mentioned above, gradually increase your dosage to 50 mg per day, which is one tablet per day, by having half tablet each, once in the morning and another half at night.

This method is quite effective considering that Anadrol has a fairly short half-life.

What’s Anadrol normally used for?

Anadrol is normally used in the form of an anabolic steroid which helps in gaining bigger muscles quickly. It’s ideally targeted at athletes who don’t have a problem bending the laws, and would like to perform extremely well in their respective leagues.

It can help immensely with athletic performances in sports like baseball, tennis, cricket, football, rugby and more. It also enhances the stamina and physical strength of the athletes.

Talking about his medical applications, Anadrol steroid is used in treatment of several medical conditions. As it helps in weight gain, it is regularly prescribed to HIV and cancer patients who are vulnerable to plenty of weight loss owing to their health issues. Anadrol also causes a significant spike in the red blood cells count of the body, and hence is used by anemic patients too.

Which is the best place to buy Anadrol?

As Anadrol isn’t banned in every country of the world, you may possibly be able to buy Anadrol on the Internet. However, please keep in mind that it’s slightly risky to buy Anadrol on the Internet as it’s an illegal and banned drug in the United States and several other countries.

There are many fraudulent websites operating on the Internet that may just take your hard earned money and not dispatch anything. Even if they do send you some pills, they might be contaminated or fake.

If you’re really serious about buying Anadrol and using it regularly, you must ask around other people in your gymnasium, especially the ones you know who consume anabolic steroids.

Buy Anadrol from their sources, whether they’re online or are actual dealers. Please remember that Anadrol is a controlled substance and hence its purchase may not be entirely legal.

If you’re really that desperate about Anadrol, why not opt for Anadrole, its alternative which is completely safe to use, delivers all Anadrol benefits and doesn’t cause any harmful side effects. You can purchase it now from the Crazy Bulk website.

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