Bodybuilding – The legal Steroid way

Many people are asking if there are legal steroids meant for bodybuilding. The public remain quite uninformed about the right ways to build the human body with steroids without necessarily breaking the rules.

best legal steroids for bodybuilding

With the shocking news being circulated about the effects of steroids and how government haunts its users, one might be forced to make false conclusions about the use of steroids. For example, the news stated below was carried by big news agencies;

Of course, yes there are governmental rules restricting the use and abuse of steroids; however, there is good news for all bodybuilders, athletes and gymnasts-some effective and legalized steroids do exist and this article is focused on giving you proper information, statistical data and evidences that frees your muscles from the steroid-less bondage.


Are you a gymnast or athlete? How ready are you when it comes to build your muscles well without wasting time?

In this article, you are going to learn;

  • 1
    The most legal ways to use steroids
  • 2
    List of safe and legally acceptable drugs
  • 3
    Everything you need to know about steroids
  • 4
    How steroids work

Let’s venture into the world of steroids and see for ourselves, the definitive knowledge of steroids



What is a steroid?

Steroids are best defined as artificial forms of testosterone (male hormone) which synthesize muscle growing proteins or facilitate the production and release of steroids.

The half-life or working span of a steroid depends on its mode of administration. It can either be administered orally or injected intramuscularly. The orally administered steroid has a shorter half-life when compared to steroids that are administered by injecting directly into the intramuscular space.

However, the dosage forms (pills/tablets) take up to weeks before effective and proper dissolution while the oil-dissolved injections often takes longer than months in the human body.

Short history of steroids

Historically, steroids were originally used for medical purposes, which include the prevention of muscular atrophy and debilitating diseases in patients. Also, they were administered to victims of severe body burns.

Initially, the non-medical use of steroids begun during World War II, when Nazi physician gave their soldiers steroids to make them aggressive and stronger during battle. After the United states discovered the Nazi’s secret, they began administering steroids to their soldiers.

The use of steroids did not stop there. After World War II, in the 1950's, the use of steroids amongst civilians increased at a sporadic rate. Many athletes, bodybuilders, weight lifters and gymnast started using steroids and without knowing the adverse effects, many abused the use of steroids.

It was during this uncontrolled use and deliberate abuse that the effects of using steroids came to the knowledge of many.

For many, who do not know, the “year of steroids “is the year many athletes were caught using steroids. At this year, in America alone, three million average Americans were estimated to be using steroids.

Types of steroids

Different types of steroids

According to the way they work, there are basically two types of steroids, namely;

  • Anabolic steroids: These are steroids, which act like testosterone in achieving their muscle building aim. On mimicking testosterone, anabolic steroids increase the production of proteins, which in turn serve as the building blocks of the body muscles.
  • Catabolic steroids: They are also called glucocorticoids, which are products of the body response to stress. Also, it specializes in the breaking of chemical and biological body molecules.

Quick facts on steroids

  • They are cogent biochemical compounds which play key roles in vast body mechanisms.
  • They can be produced naturally in animals and artificially in laboratories.
  • Different steroid type exists with slightly variations in organization of protein molecules and other biochemical compounds.
  • It is very effective for bodybuilding but its abuse can be deadly
  • Steroids aids in the synthesis of certain vitamins, which influence bodily metabolism.
  • They are produced in a way that makes them like the male hormone, testosterone.
  • Its effectiveness helped the bodybuilding champion, Arnold Schwarzenegger, attain his dreams.

How steroids work

The pathway is quite complex but the overall process can be best explained when summarized. Steroids multiply our muscles by causing the synthesis of specific proteins to the target muscular areas. One important thing we must note is that steroids works best when the user does workouts.

The more the person does workouts, the more steroids produce ATP, which gives them the necessary energy to sustain exercise.  However, if steroids are abused, it can synthesize overdose of ATP, which will cause aggression and other disorders.

how anobolic sterioids work

NOTE: Steroids only help you develop muscles faster but not without exercising. The usefulness of doing workouts cannot be overemphasized: It is too important to neglect.

Since we now know the definition, history, types and process by which steroids operate in the human body, we can now move on to the safe and legal ways of using steroids. Many would ask if there is such thing as safe steroids. Keep reading, as the answer to your wonderful questions will present themselves in the coming paragraphs.



In all sincerity, steroids play an excellent part in bodybuilding but using the wrong steroid the wrong way will bring adverse effects.

After weighing your vast options of available and legal steroids, we discovered that some are safer than the others.

I understand that you need   to build your muscles real quick but before you hop on the bodybuilding bandwagon; you need to know the safest ones to use and the safest ways to use them.

The safest steroids

There are countless steroids out there but below are the three safest steroids you can ever use;

Testo-Max (sustanon)- Testosterone Booster

Testosterone: Amongst its users, testosterone is often shortened as “test”. It is a very natural male hormone, which serves as steroids and it is much more effective, in a standalone cycle.

Testosterone is a natural hormone in men but it is used for muscle building. It is one of the safest and most effective steroids to use

Testo-max (sustanon): It is legal and rated high by customers. It catalyses the whole bodybuilding cycle and makes it seamless

When the body gets old, a problem is encountered—the aging body produces less testosterone. The effects of lower testosterone start getting visible, as a man gets older. The effects ranges from more body fat to swollen breasts and tiredness starts setting in so easily.

Although there are artificial testosterone steroids but some of them comes with side effects.

However, Testo-Max has no side effects because it possesses no artificial ingredient.

Most people who start with anabolic steroids start with testosterone. It’s an integral component of every stack. Testo-Max offers the same functions for stacks, and on its own it still offers lots of benefits.

Below are the benefits of testo-max;

  1. It provides you immense muscle gains and enhances more strenght
  2. Your stamina starts boosting
  3. It Increases body mass, strength of muscular areas and Improves bone density
  4. Testo-max gives its users extreme strength
  5. It shortens the time to recover and extends exercising strength
  6. It is made to enhance the human strength
  7. It drastically shortens workout recapture times
  8. It arouses sexual feelings
  9. Testosterone boosts protein production, nitrogen retention and red blood cell count
  10. It improves your sexual performance
  11. You’ll achieve your bodybuilding goals quickly 
  12. It is very natural, safe and legal

NOTE: This product is definitely not for women. Besides bodybuilding, testosterone is used for testosterone replacement therapy.

It’s not expensive. Buy 2 bottles and get the 3rd one free. For more efficiency, it is advisable to use testo-max.

Testo-max Usage

Simply use 3 tablets daily but whenever you want to go for workout, use the tablet 30-45min before starting your exercise

Anvarol  (The best Alternative to Anavar)

Anavar: Anavar is the safest steroid taken orally and It has very slight side effects as far as weight loss is concerned. It is also tagged the “female friendly” steroid, as it suites them best.

This anabolic steroid is used by both men and women. It is used to cut cycles and it is not efficient for bulking—because it helps you retain your muscles while shedding off fat.

It is often recommended for athletes not bodybuilders. While athletes need muscles, they also need speed and agility, which can be impeded by more weight.

Also, it is nicknamed the girl steroid because it helps ladies develop muscles without making them masculine.

Anavarol has been used to substitute for anavar, an outdated version. Anavarol is safer and more efficient.

Below are the benefits of anavar;

  • 1
    It has no side effects
  • 2
    It gives women strength without making them masculine.
  • 3
    It boosts power, strength and helps you with dry lean gains
  • 4
    It is most suitable for ladies, decreases body fat and possesses Zero water retention
  • 5
    It Prevents the loss of muscle during cutting cycles
  • 6
    Anavar has highly negligible risk of virulization side effects on females
  • 7
    During workouts, it gives you more endurance.

NOTE: this steroid is not used for bulking. It is only recommended for athletes and ladies, who are interested in developing more strength.

Anavar Usage

Make sure you use it consistently for 2 to 3 months. If you take a week break, your body might have to restart another cycle afresh. However, if you miss a week, wait for two weeks before taking it afresh for another month.

DecaDuro (The Best Alternative to Deca-Durabolin)

Deca Durabolin: It is the best for people who want to gain weight alongside body building. It is very safe and enhances bulking cycles. It also has an ability to cut the pains encountered when lifting weights.

Just like Dianobol, DecaDurobolin is a popular steroid, which is anabolic. It used to be the favorite steroid of the Hollywood celeb, Arnold Schwarzenegger.After it was launched in the 1970’s, it was nicknamed crazybulk because of its high rate of developing muscles. An average deca durobolin user gains up to 40 pounds, in just a few months.

The side effects of deca durobolin includes enlarged or tender breasts and an extended painful erection for men, frequent urination, prostate cancer, intestinal irritation, skin thickening, leukemia and cardiovascular disorders.

It is illegal in most countries but the only exception is the case of those, who use it with the doctor’s prescription for boosting red cell production and alleviating sore tendons and joints.

The only legal alternative is Deca Duro. It helps you build body muscles faster but eliminates the negative side effects of deca durobolin.

Here are some of the vast benefits of Deca Duro;

  • 1
    It helps you recuperate from fatigue at a swifter pace.
  • 2
    It utilizes the protein taken and makes sure that the necessary aminoacids that helps build more muscles are well synthesized.
  • 3
    Your endurance during exercise is improved by increasing red blood cells production adequately.
  • 4
    It aids muscle growth, relieves joint pain, and Restricts body fat gains
  • 5
    It is excellent for the joints
  • 6
    It boosts strength and endurance
  • 7
    It fortifies your tendons and gives your muscles relief.

NOTE: Deca Duro does not have any side effects and it is legal.

Deca Duro Usage

Take a pill of deca duro three times daily during meals whether you’re going for a workout or not. However, whenever you want to go for a workout, take the pill, 30-45min before going for workout.

It is very affordable. Buy three bottles for three months and you will be offered two bottles for free.

Trenorol (the best alternative to Trenbolone)

Trenorol: It is an excellent steroid for power gaining and streamlining the body mass of muscular areas.

It is quite useful to bodybuilders and trenbolone is popularly regarded as Tren.

Trenbolone is very effective but its side effects are quite horrifying in fact, even the most fervent Tren users will have to agree that it’s the most dangerous of all steroids available in the medical market.

A little dose of Trenbolone poses a great deal of damage to the heart and liver. It overstresses the body that even after stopping the medication, you will need a whole lot to time to recover from the adverse effect of the drug.

As trenbolone became illegal because of its side effects, a better and safer form, Trenorol emerged. With trenorol, all the benefits required to improve your muscle bulk is present and it is very safe to use.

Below are the benefits of Trenerol;

  • 1
    It helps the muscle gain remarkable amount of mass
  • 2
    It helps cut the body mass to a desirable extent
  • 3
    Endurance is increased by the production of more red blood cells
  • 4
    On helping you cut cycles, a whole lot of fats are shed thereby aiding quicker recovery from fatness
  • 5
    It enables adequate retention of nitrogen which enhances the buildup of muscle building proteins

NOTE; as a result of its bulking potential, trenorol is used for cutting stacks and bulking.

D-bal (the best alternative to Dianobol)

Dianobol is the pioneer of all steroids and it became very popular on emergence. Although dianabol is quite effective,it has a lot of side effects, which makes it quite infamous in the medical world.

These unpleasant side effects are mood shifts, excessive sweating, loss of libido, and serious acne.                                                                                                                                                                  

Having considered these side effects and the high rate of steroid abuse, several governments have placed a ban on dianobol.

Dbal: It ensures immense muscle gains and assures roof strength.

 The sudden war against the use of dianobol has brought scientists back to the table and aroused a lot of further researches as to how the side effects f dianobol can be reduced. After a lot of researches, scientists stumbled upon a safer and better steroid with no side effects. This new steroid was named Dbol. The resemblance in name with the banned dianobol, was just a marketing strategy to indicate what it was meant for.

There are a lot of benefits derived from Dbol but below are four benefits Dbol;

  • 1
    It increases you muscle power within a shorter time without health risks
  • 2
    Your endurance is increased, thereby helping you do more workouts
  • 3
    It utilizes your protein intake and increases your body muscle production
  • 4
    Your concentration in everyday life is further increased, thereby allowing you to get more works done.
  • 5
    It ensures that the muscles grow fast
  • 6
    It catalyzes the increase in muscle growth
  • 7
    ​​​​It bridges the gap between bodybuilding cycles 

NOTE: Dbal eliminates all side effects and this steroid is not for men only. Women, who are also interested in building their body can also use D-bal. However, D-bal works best when stacked.

D-bal is very legal and affordable. When you but two of their products, you’ll get the third one free. Free shipping is available for those living in the US, UK, and the Euro zone but if you reside in other parts of the world, a cheap shipping fee of 10$ is required depending on the amounts shipped.

D-bal Usage

Simply use a tablet 3 times daily whether you’re going for a workout or not. Whenever you want to go for a workout, take the first pill 30-40min after workout.

So how do you use it? It’s actually very simple. You just need to take, whether or not you work out. On the days you do work out, the first pill must be taken about 30 to 45 minutes after your workout.


This steroid helps reduce fat and increases muscle gains

Characteristics of HGH

  • 1
    It helps burn fat
  • 2
    It cuts cycles and make the whole bodybuilding process faster
  • 3
    Whenever fast recovery is needed, HGH is the best option


It’s one of the best steroids, which ensure excellent stamina. It’s legal and effective

Characteristics of Anadrole

  • 1
    It helps its users gain outstanding muscle gains and strength
  • 2
    It aids swift recovery and development. 
  • 3
    It fosters and kick-starts incredible gains at the onset of a bodybuilding cycle

Bulking stack

This is the best steroid for bulking muscles in any muscular area. It is legal and effective. it means using two or more steroids adequately to achieve a bodybuilding aim

Most bulking agents work effectively when stacked with appropriate steroids.

Peradventure, you want to go on a bulking cycle for immense strength, you would need a bulking stack.

Benefits of using bulking stack;

  • 1
    It ensures immense increase in muscles
  • 2
    It produces more ATP which provides more strength
  • 3
    It reduces recovery time to a great extent

NOTE: When using bulking stack, it is advisable to take in more calories of energy and more protein. Also, you must exercise regularly.

In order to bulk by stacking, you’ll have to take four varying steroids every bulking cycle, viz;

  • D-bal
  • Testo-Max,
  • DecaDuro
  • Trenorol,

Dbal is used for building body muscles testo-max helps the body generate strength, and tenacity

As stated earlier, Deca-duro offers quick relief of joint pain while trenorol gives you raw strength and improved bodily training. With these prescribed stack, you will notice immense growth in 1-2 months.

Cutting Stack

This stack helps you lose weight and still stay agile and strong. This joint prescription helps reduce water and fat retention but keeps your muscles intact.

It is very difficult to lose fats and keep your muscles without the use of steroids. Cutting stacks comes with its own side effects but the ones we are going to prescribe below are the safest.

Below is the joint prescription;

  • Anvarol.
  • Testo-Max.
  • Winidrol.
  • Clenbutrol.

Anavarol is very effective for retaining muscle mass during the cutting phase while testo-max helps develops strength.

Winidrol is a Crazy Bulk legal steroid, which helps retain lean muscles while Clenbutrol’s is known for burning fats without affecting the muscles.

 NOTE: the prescription for all is quite different. Make sure you use them at the appropriate time without excluding anyone of them

​Ultimate Stack

It helps you build muscle, retain lean muscle, and burn off fat all at the same time. It consists of six different legal steroids in one cycle.

Benefits of ultimate stacks:

  • 1
    This stack helps you achieve immense muscle gains, and strength.
  • 2
    It enhances your body’s nitrogen retention, thereby making protein production easier.
  • 3
    With this stack, you will be able to recover from fatigue easier.
  • 4
    It helps you burn fat faster, and helps your muscular structure get more defined.

NOTE: the ultimate stack is quite expensive but it is worth the price as it helps you keep a good shape without risking much weight or getting obese.


  • 1
    Get a doctor’s prescription: This will help you know the specified times to use the drugs and what you must avoid when using it.
  • 2
    Do not use an overdose: No matter how safe a drug is, its abuse leads to bad effects, which might be deadly most times.
  • 3
    Exercise regularly: Using steroids does not automatically assure a built muscle but excercising with steroid usage provides the necessary conditions for body building.
  • 4
    Do not use outlawed steroids: This point brings us back to the sole purpose of this article, legal steroids usage. You don’t want to spend a good part of your life exercising in jail, as a result of illegal usage of steroids. Make sure the steroids you want to purchase is legal in your region and do your research properly.
  • 5
    Stack your steroids with drugs that Cuts the cycles to the minimum, increases strength and stamina


Right now, I believe you must have understood the definition, history, process, types and top three legal steroids in town. We really appreciate your patience and we implore you to guide your steroid application with the guides given in this article, which was written with your best interest in mind.

Save someone by sharing this important piece to the world and most importantly, do not forget to share with your loved ones.