A Medical Perception Of Testosterone Poisoning

Nowadays, people are more aware of the negative side effects of having a sedentary lifestyle. Men and women are now equally getting into fitness for overall wellness to minimize their risk for debilitating diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. With this in mind, males and females are getting on with their workouts, and using supplements to help improve the shape of their muscles. They often do so by using injectable or oral steroid enhancements.

Many male bodybuilders also use an additional dose of testosterone, without a proper prescription. This can sometimes lead to overdose or over administration resulting in testosterone poisoning. Consequently, a man or a woman using this hormone may experience testosterone poisoning symptoms brought about by the side effects of testosterone injections. With this in mind, knowing how hormones work can help correct your perception on how testosterone affects men and women in actual settings.

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Symptoms of Testosterone Poisoning

symptoms of testosterone poisoningThere are three aspects of testosterone poisoning. One is the amplification of stereotypical manly behavior, while the other, stems from a more serious side effect brought about by overdose. These aspects of testosterone poisoning symptoms are discussed in detail below:
1. Behavioral – Testosterone is associated with male behavior, and this perspective is considered to be pejorative to males. When one says “testosterone poisoning” in this context, it means that a male (or a transgender man undergoing hormone therapy) is exhibiting the negative traits of male behavior. This aspect is considered to be sexist in nature, and the term is considered to stem from neologism.
2. Social – Testosterone poisoning symptoms do not only manifest in a certain individual. They manifest in others as well. When someone becomes too sexist, a negative connotation may be associated with male behavior, and this can spread like wildfire.
3. Health – Testosterone overdose can lead to side effects. As reported in Healthline forums, most of these side effects are brought about by the imbalance of steroids in the body.

The last perspective for testosterone poisoning symptoms usually manifests in men, especially among bodybuilders. Testosterone side effects are usually observed in bodybuilding men, and these symptoms manifest because of the side effects of testosterone injections.

Testosterone Injections Side Effects

Numerous side effects stem from overdosing on testosterone, and most often, this leads to toxicity. These side effects manifest in different levels of neuromuscular development which can present in both behaviors as well as in the physiology of a person.

These side effects include:
1. Swelling
2. Breathing difficulties
3. Dizziness
4. Blurred Vision
5. Slurred Speech
6. Seizure
7. Sadness or Loneliness
8. Anxiety or Fear
9. Irritability and Rage
10. Many others.

As you can observe, testosterone poisoning symptoms may be physical or psychological, and the last thing you want to happen is to have your family send you to a mental asylum. Despite these testosterone injection side effects, bodybuilders are still using injectable testosterone to improve their body.

testosterone side effects in bodybuildingTestosterone Side Effects Bodybuilding: A Word Of Advice

Testosterone use is widespread in bodybuilding. In fact, there is a full fandom for its uses in the medical industry as spearheaded by steroid users. It is important to learn how keeping your testosterone levels regulated can contribute to your physical and emotional wellbeing.

If you want to have steroid therapy, then you should talk with a physician first, to avoid experiencing negative testosterone side effects.

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