Cyclical ketogenic diet – The Carb up

If you been practicing the Cyclical ketogenic diet – you know that all week only consume high fat, moderate protein and very low carb foods. then on the weekend you load on the carbs.

There is a lot of confusion on what carbs and how many of them you should be eating and in this short guide I will try and make things clear for you.

What carbs should we be eating?

The carbohydrates may include rice, pasta, pizza and breads.

Carbs Up, that’s the name of the game

You need to reward the efforts of the previous days of restriction.

There is also a physical component involved with the carbohydrate load. That is you are replenishing amino acids, glycogen and other nutrients which will give you the necessary energy to perform the Monday-Friday routine.

The intensity and success of your exercise program comes from the energy needed to perform.

The timing of the Carb load

Here is the timing of your carbohydrate load. We suggest you start sometime Friday night after 6pm and go until about midnight Saturday.

Is there a limit to and how many carbohydrates should be eaten? Well, for some it simple; they get to eat whatever they want and get the proper balance of glycogen. For the rest of us though, let’s do a little math.

The standard recommendation has been to consume roughly 10-12 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of lean body mass. So, for our example earlier, 160 pounds of lean body mass was our number.

Let’s convert that number by dividing it by 2.2 and we get about 73 kg. Not so tough right?

We recommend you consume 100 grams of liquid carbohydrates with about ½ as many grams of carbohydrates in protein, which for our example is 50.

A whey liquid drink or something similar should be consumed immediately after your last workout on Friday. This is a time when your insulin properties are at their most sensitive level.

Now, during the remainder of the replenishment period, you should begin spreading the left over 630 grams of carbohydrates in conjunction with the 160 grams of protein. Keep this consistent while you are refueling.

Do I hear a question about fat? There is fat in pizza right? Yes and here is the good news.

While your body is in the process of refueling those carbohydrates, those carbohydrates will be utilized to refill glycogen, and protein which will rebuild using fat for energy. What a concept.

When the carbohydrates are utilized for the important attributes to our system, muscles, what is the only thing that can be used? You guessed it.

Now, please understand that there is a limit to the amount of fat you want to consume. The magic number for our example would be below 73grams if we keep it below our body weight in kilograms.

Based on information from dieters, the regaining of fat is almost zero. And if we keep fat to an extreme minimum, it has been demonstrated that fat burning continues through the carbohydrate replenishment period. Now that should excite you.

If you feel that you have more questions that was not addressed in this post, please see this 43 expert roundup on Keto diets.

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