D-Bal : A Healthier Supplement That Builds Muscle Faster? Here’s Your Answer!!

D-Bal Review

Building muscle is not an easy task. There is no miracle cure to get good biceps or a lean ripped body in a week. It takes commitment and hard work. However, there is much you can do to assist your fitness journey to make your muscles stronger and grow faster.

In today’s world of bodybuilding, supplements if taken correctly and responsibly provide immense benefits in terms of muscle synthesis, health, and fitness. That’s where D-Bal from Crazy bulk comes in as one of the stalwarts in muscle building.

However!! The big question here is will D-Bal work for you? Is it safe and how effective is it? Let’s find out.

D-Bal consists of ingredients that can make it one of the best in the market

By virtue of its composition and ingredients, D-Bal is very promising where results are concerned. It guarantees visible muscle growth within a month. That’s more than what you can say for others on the market. But how does D-Bal rate for safety and physiological health? What exactly is it?

First, there was Dianabol but now you have D-Bal

Dianabol Molecular Chain

At one time there was Dianabol, the heavyweight among muscle building supplements.

Dianabol was actually a powerful steroid called Methandrostenolone used widely a few decades ago.

And, while you would definitely love to consume Dianabol for its remarkable results on your muscled body, you definitely don’t want to consume such an ingredient because of its side effects.

The days of heavy dangerous steroids are over especially for those who value their health.

​Today it doesn’t work that way. Moreover, such steroids are illegal and dangerous. The best alternative to Dianabol is the very legal D-Bal which many feel is the best thing that has happened in the supplement business.

With D-Bal, you receive all of the benefits of Dianabol without its disadvantages because D-Bal is a perfectly safe and legal steroid. It isn’t expensive, you gain muscle mass faster and because of some of its super ingredients, your workout improves helping you achieve your muscle building goals.

The preliminary features of D-Bal that you need to know are:

    • Perfectly legal and safe steroid
    • No side effects of Dianabol
    • Increases muscle gain and mass  faster
    • Improves overall health
    • Among the best supplement in the market
    • Inexpensive and perfectly legal
    • Increases nitrogen retention
    • Improves health, endurance and focus
    • Natural ingredients
  • Increases strength and stamina

What is D-Bal?

d-bal Reviews

Crazy Bulk’s D- Bal is being used by thousands of bodybuilders the world over because it’s currently the safest supplement in the market today but obviously, you want to know how safe it really is and what benefits does its ingredients give you on an individual basis.

What exactly goes into D-Bal to make it what it is today?

The one biggest advantage D-Bal has over its competition is the hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials by those who are now swearing by D-Bal.

What you should be asking is how safe is it for you?

Formulated from natural ingredients

D-Bal is formulated with a remarkable composition of ingredients including natural ingredients and amino acids. What you need to know is that D-Bal isn’t Dianabol; instead it has been specially formulated to mimic Dianabol without the dangers that come with it.

It seems Crazy Bulk has gone all out with D-Bal to make it stand out as a power-packed supplement with the highest premium quality ingredients that ensure it maintains the high performance effects of Dianabol.

What is D-Bal for and how does it work?

D-Bal is meant for increasing strength, muscle mass, overall health and endurance for improved workout performance. If you know the science of your muscles, the best way of building them is to increase protein synthesis to a maximum through nitrogen retention.

Nitrogen retention ensures an increase in muscle tissue which is extremely important for protein synthesis or the process by which muscle cells create protein for muscle growth.

​This is what happens during exercise, the more muscle you use, the more wear and tear, the more the muscle growth. D-Bal ensures more tissue is retained hence the growth increase is obvious isn’t it? D-Bal has the power to regenerate muscle mass and increase faster recovery too.

bodybuilding supplement

D-Bal and testosterone

D-Bal increases testosterone in the body which is also great for your physical drive and libido. Increased levels of testosterone make the body store less fat. Moreover, testosterone boosts energy, increases focus, strength, and confidence. D-Bal is perfect for providing you testosterone from its natural ingredient tribulus terrestris an Ayurvedic formula that increases testosterone.

D-Bal and metabolism

The thing about metabolism is that when calories aren’t used fast enough it can get converted to fat. According to its manufacturers and by virtue of its ingredients, D-Bal promotes more lean muscle mass and decreases fat gain. Now, this is one big advantage that all bodybuilders and athletes need. D-Bal contains a higher quality of testosterone for improved muscle growth without fat gain.

Who should take D-Bal?

Now coming to the larger question is D-Bal from Crazy Bulk good for you or not. Well, that depends on what exactly is your goal in muscle building. Are you just working out for a fit body? Is it just good health you’re looking for or is it muscle gain and all of the aforesaid mentioned.

If yes, then you do need something like D-Bal. It is important to know, that D-Bal isn’t about muscle recovery only, it is about muscle gain. So if you are looking to build more muscle effectively, safely and with more strength and power, then D-Bal is certainly worth a try.

​Remember though, this is a powerful supplement only recommended for those who want serious gains in building muscle mass, strength, and fitness. It’s for those who want that muscular body and no! D-Bal certainly wouldn’t be good for a beginner.

You need to introduce your body gradually to the effects of muscle building while working your way around a gym. But! As for those serious and seasoned bodybuilders, D-Bal is worth every cent mainly because it helps you get there in a healthier way. You could also include it in your supplement stack.

The ingredients of D-Bal

What’s good about Crazy bulk formulas is that they always use superior quality ingredients that have been certified 100% safe by pharmaceuticals including quality and effectiveness.

When using this product you are assured that your safety is Crazy Bulks priority and that is why you should stick to the recommended doses and never take more than that for any reason.

Here are the ingredients of D-Bal:

D-bal ingredients

    • Tibullus Terrestris: This is a potent and powerful herbal formulation with its origins in India. It is well known as an enhancer of testosterone production. It also improves muscle building activity and male health. The only thing you have to worry about here is that extra stamina, strength, increase of libido and extra drive. So you can expect some steamy nights too.
    • Isoleucine:  A close second to leucine is Isoleucine necessary for increasing nitrogen in your body which again aids in the protein synthesis of muscles.
    • Valine: Among the three most powerful amino acids included in D-Bal so you’ve got a pretty powerful combo of amino acids suitable for your body.
  • Whey protein: D-Bal contains whey protein that also contains all of the nine essential amino acids. Whey is also low in lactose constant and is relatively safe for those who prefer avoiding dairy.

How to take D-Bal and where to get it

D-bal steroid alternative

D-Bal comes in packs of 90 tablets where you may need to take one tablet thrice (3) daily and a half hour before workouts.

In fact, you can even combine D-Bal along with other legal supplements as part of a bulking stack.

D-Bal is available on Crazy Bulk as well as its distributor websites.

Look out for offers that may come your way on Crazy Bulk as you may get quite a good deal when combining a stack.


While D-Bal isn’t the steroid Dianabol and may not work exactly like it, it still is by far a much better and safer alternative. As mentioned earlier, you don’t get ripped overnight but with D-Bal you will get there in a safer and healthier way.

It has no side effects although of course you will feel energetic and raring to go but besides that, it is a recommended product with quality ingredients. Athletes and bodybuilders especially would benefit by taking D-Bal which enhances power and strength while ensuring speedy muscle recovery too.

The result is strength, muscle growth, and agility. Moreover, when taken in a stack from products by Crazy Bulk, D-Bal has been shown to produce faster results as per reviews from users. The Bottom line: D-Bal is the safest bet when it comes to a body-building supplement to grow muscle faster.

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