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If you desire to look young, have the perfect body composition and feel better, you probably would love to hold on to all the Dhea in your body as you can. Unfortunately, this is not possible because as you grow older, dhea loss accelerates. Studies indicate that by the time you clock 75, you can only produce 10-20% of the ​levels you produced in your youth.

​DHEA amount

It explains why as people grow older, they tend to gain more weight, become sluggish and experience low libido. Apart from fighting fat accumulation and building lean muscles to make you look young and feel good, DHEA promotes heart health, improves your bone density, fights fatigue, controls cholesterol levels and improves production of sex hormones.

So what is ​dehydroepiandrosterone?

D​HEA also known as dehydroepiandrosterone,3b-Hydroxy-Androst-5-Ene-17-One, Prasterone, GL701 is a hormone that is naturally abundant in our body. Hormone influence the functioning of cells and tissues in our bodies. It is produced by the adrenal gland and the brain. Men also secrete it in their testes. This hormone plays a role in more than 150 metabolic functions.

dhea molecule structure

Once it has been produced, the body converts it to androgens and estrogen which are male and female sex hormones. Production of ​Prasterone increases until late 20’s then starts to decline and once you reach your 30’s, its loss becomes significant. Women tend to lose ​GL701 more than men.

Other factors that could accelerate the loss of dhea are:

  • ​Medications such as corticosteroids.
  • ​Birth control pills taken orally.
  • ​Diabetes.
  • ​Immune disorders.
  • ​Depression.
  • ​Heart disease.
  • ​HIV/AIDS.
  • ​Inflammations.
  • ​Osteoporosis.
  • ​Alzheimer’s disease.

D​HEA tests

Since ​3b-Hydroxy-Androst-5-Ene-17-One levels are likely to decrease as you grow older, it is important to know its levels in your body before you begin taking its dietary supplements. According to some independent studies, people with healthy levels of ​Androstenolone are likely to live healthier lives and are more proactive.  Adults with higher ​ levels are more aggressive and active. It, therefore, means that for your body to maintain its natural levels even when production begins to decline, you should take DHEA supplements to help boost its circulation in the blood.

Before introducing supplements in your diet, it is vital to carry out salivary cortisol test to ascertain if you need them. If the levels are low and you see the need for the supplements, you should then take them for several months.

To check if there is an improvement in your levels, you will take a saliva test to check if the level is back to the normal range. DHEA Supplements will gradually be withdrawn once the levels are back to normal and another test will be conducted in a weeks time after stopping the medication just to check if the body has regained its ability to produce ​Prasterone naturally.

D​HEA supplements

If your DHEA levels are below the normal range, it is necessary to consume it as a supplement. These supplements help increase the level of this hormone in your body and protect you from the risk of heart diseases, fractures caused by fragile bones and depression. The effects of increased ​Androstenolone levels are quite significant, and some of the top benefits of​ dietary supplements are:

1. Improved bone density

Since ​Androstenolone helps in building lean muscles, decreased levels of this hormone lower your bone density. It makes you prone to fractures because your bones will become more fragile. Research has been conducted on whether supplementation helps in improving bone density.

Results from these studies indicated that there were positive results in older women who took 3BetaHydroxy-Androst-5-Ene-17-One​ supplements for 1-2 years. Other studies, however, did not show any improvements in bone density after six months of the controlled study. It is, therefore, necessary to take these supplements for more prolonged periods for better results.

2. Improves libido and corrects erectile dysfunctions

Lower ​GL701 levels can cause erectile dysfunctions and loss of interest in sex. Studies indicate that daily consumptions of ​these supplements help enhance sexual desire in both men and women. It also helps decrease menopausal effects like virginal dryness and hot flushes in women.

Men with low teasterone levels are likely to experience aches, pain, weight gain and loss of functioning. Research shows that taking 25mg helps alleviate these symptoms. Other studies also show that taking ​déhydroépiandrostérone for six months also improves loss functionality caused by nerve damage or diabetes.

3. Helps in weight loss

Dhea is responsible for building lean muscles. This is why it is common among bodybuilders and athletes. These supplements have however been banned by sports associations. Dhea is responsible for helping your body burn fat and utilize energy naturally.  Hormones play an important role in fat metabolism, but dhea enhances the body’s ability to burn fats and reduces insulin levels.

4. Prevents heart diseases and reduces the risk of diabetes

Increased DHEA levels lower your risk of developing clogged arteries, heart disease, high cholesterol levels, insulin resistance in adults and blood clots. Researchers are not sure how it does that, but studies indicate that it reduces the risk of developing heart diseases by supporting a healthy metabolism, lowering inflammations, improving the use of glucose and improving the production of sex hormones.

5. Help treat depression and protects against mood swings

Researchers are not sure if high DHEA levels can help in treating depression. Studies have revealed that in some cases women with high DHEA levels suffer from depression while there are some women with lower levels of this hormone and still experienced depression. Dhea supplements can help lower depression and improve your moods and cognitive function.

Its common to experience mood swings and be irritable when you have problems with your sexuality, are infertile or are battling weight issues. These are conditions that can make you sad, stressed and even be depressed. Taking DHEA supplements can help relieve you from these symptoms.

6. Improves fertility in women

Lower DHEA levels affect a woman’s ovaries. Studies indicate that women who took DHEA supplements experienced an improved functionality in their ovaries. There were significant success rates in IVF. Results showed that 67% of women had increased egg production and these eggs were fertilized after treatment compared to 39% success rate before treatment.

There was also 23% live birth rate versus 4% after taking the supplements. Dhea dietary supplementation also helps in the production of sex hormones that help in improving women sexuality and libido.

Your main reason for taking DHEA supplements should be to increase the levels of this hormone in your body or improve your body’s natural ability to produce it. you should not take it for the simple reasons of wanting to have more dhea in your blood. Abusing these supplements could cause irreversible consequences.

Some of the adverse effects of taking DHEA supplements inappropriately are:

  • ​Irritability.
  • ​Sexual inappropriateness.
  • ​Low or high blood sugar.
  • ​Hair loss.
  • ​Abdominal pain.
  • ​Fatigue.
  • ​Hypertension.
  • ​Insomnia
  • ​Headaches.

Dosage and administration

Dhea supplements are available in different forms. The real and best supplements are available in liquid form. This should be taken under the tongue. To achieve better results, you should take 5 to 7 milligrams twice per day. You are supposed to hold the drops under your tongue for sometimes before swallowing. You should also withhold brushing, drinking, eating for around 30 to 50 minutes after taking the supplements.

Administering DHEA supplements sublingually is the best and preferred option especially in persons with autoimmune diseases. Studies also indicate that the use of capsule administration is also effective. Taking DHEA in two daily doses increases the conversion of DHEA to testosterone and estrogen. Ensure that you take these supplements at the beginning of a meal. For better absorption, ensure that the meal is fatty.

A higher dosage of 25 milligrams of DHEA supplements twice a day, will help restore the normal DHEA levels. When dhea particles are reduced to smaller particles, they are 3-4 times better absorbed than non-micronized dhea. Taking 50mg of DHEA daily for 12 months can help restore aging skin. For patients suffering depression, 30-450 mg of DHEA for 6 weeks was found to be effective. You can take these supplements alone or combine them with an antidepressant for better results. Applying 1% of dhea cream on your face and hands daily for 4 months is also useful in preventing the effects of aging on your skin. You can also safely insert it in your vaginal to help reduce dryness and strengthen the walls of the vagina.

Types of DHEA supplements and their reviews

1st Choice
Hoodia Gordonii
Unique Hoodia

Editor's Choice
(Best Results)

Proven Safe:


Proven Effective:

Most Effective

Overall Rating


​That definitely helps to slow weight gain

​Intense workouts that make your heart race.

2nd choice

2nd Choice
(Best Deal)

Proven Safe:


Proven Effective:


Overall Rating:


​Help burn fats in a human body

Actually help you lose weight

3rd choice
Natrol dhea

Editor's Choice
(Best Results)

Proven Safe:


Proven Effective:

Most Effective

Overall Rating


Boosts energy

Your skin and helps in improving hormonal imbalance

The mammoth challenge of weight loss is real.

If you have not managed to crank up a clean bulk, or you feel you’ve gained a little bit more weight than you’d bargained for, which are the best supplements to get shredded?

We have hand-picked a couple of effective ones for precise purposes.

The Best Supplements to Get Cut

Unique Hoodia

The thing to understand about this supplement is the fact that it is an appetite suppressant. Unique Hoodia is just one of several Hoodia weight monitoring supplements deriving from the Hoodia Gordonii active ingredient of the cactus tree bark.

South African scientists made the discovery that Hoodia Gordonii contains a specific active ingredient, P75. P75 triggers a human mid-brain to feel full. That aspect of instigating satiety is why Unique Hoodia is such a popular weight management supplement.

It is also a natural alternative to diet suppression supplements. That means you are likely to not suffer side effects (or much fewer if any) after taking it. And what a healthy means to drag down that crazing, indeed.

But is it effective for use by bodybuilders in the cutting phase?

European scientists tested the supp to find out if it contains any weight loss benefits, as some advertisers would claim. Unfortunately, and this is important to note for everyone, the compound (Hoodia Gordonii) itself does not cause weight loss—it leads to weight loss.

Here’s how:

Unique Hoodia makes you feel full.

That helps if you can’t stop eating or need quick and effective help to regulate food cravings. The thing about food cravings is that most people crave junk, instead of snacking on healthy fruits and unprocessed proteins, carbs and vitamins.

By helping you to reducing how much you eat, this weight loss supplement ensures you consume and pack up fewer calories. That definitely helps to slow weight gain.

But can Unique Hoodia help when you are looking forward to leaning up?

Yes and No

You’ll need to take on an exercise plan to burn the excess fat and boost your lean muscle mass. One exercise plan to help you chunk down the triglycerides (“bad fat”) is cardio, such as short and intense workouts that make your heart race.

Yet, if you took loads of Unique Hoodia and did not commit to working out, you might not get the results you wanted.


Wondering if Forskolin250 can actually help you lose weight?

Forskolin, from the Indian-native Coleus herb, has flown around in popularity as a weight loss supplement superstar. Several studies prove indeed, Forskolin’s makeup contains compounds that help burn fats in a human body.

Of course, that happens in combination with physical exercise and proper dieting.

Here’s how Forskolin works:

This study published in the Wiley Library, suggests the root extract contains active ingredients that trigger the enzyme scientists call Adenylate cyclase.

This enzyme then boosts levels of cyclic AMP, increasing levers of cAMP. cAMP, in turn, helps stimulate other hormones including (and significantly too) boosting your metabolism and burn excess fat in your body. So if you have a slow metabolism rate, this product might help you to stimulate your metabolism and torch fat tissue more easily and naturally.

So, is Forskolin250 supplementation great for your cutting phase?

Where Forskolin250 really triumphs for bodybuilders is in its testosterone boosting benefits. Because it helps you get a boost in building lean muscle mass as you cut down on fatty tissue. The testosterone helps with this.

Yet, the spike of testosterone Forskolin250 affords you can have lasting effects past the cutting stage of your bodybuilding journey.

For instance, you’ll need to sustain healthy testosterone levels to maintain your muscular physique with minimum fat tissue.

Much like Unique Hoodia, Forskolin250 supplements are usually healthy and safe. That means you can take them without worrying about side effects and all the hassle unnatural supplementation can storm around your health goals.

But there’s a caveat…

You’ll need to do your homework to find legit sellers online and off. Countless fakes are in constant supply (many thanks to the blowing herb’s popularity), so watch out for those.

# Both Unique Hoodia and Forskolin250 are available for purchase over the counter. Still, you might want to consult we a qualified healthcare expert to help you find the right supplementation dosage and tips so you do not compromise your muscle gain goals.

Here are more cutting stage supplements that contain legit and safe levels of DHEA to help you lean up to that awesome physique you work so hard to gain.

Natrol dhea

Natrol is a well known natural supplements company, and its products are well known and liked by consumers. All their products are manufactured without additives, and they have received great recommendations by natural products associations.

Nartol dhea is a hormonal supplement that boosts energy, reduces the effects of aging on your skin and helps in improving hormonal imbalance. The supplement is available in both tablet and gel form. The capsule is available in 25mg tablets, in 10mg, 25 and 50mg. Its made of natural ingredients like rice powder, water, magnesium stearate, silica, and gelatin.

​Ingredients in the tablet are cellulose gum, silica, stearic acid, gum acacia, cellulose, magnesium stearate and maltodoctrin. You should take one tablet or capsule daily with meals.

Bulksupplements pure dhea

Bulksupplements is a leading manufacturer and distributor registered with FDA. They also have an in-house lab where they extensively test all their products before they are delivered to clients.

Bulksupplements pure dhea is only available in powder form and is a favorite for professional athletes and bodybuilders. Dhea from bulksupplements is known for promoting cognitive function, increases energy and improves brain health.

It is available in powder form from 10g,  25g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg.it is advisable to take 5g as a start dose as you gradually increase to 25mg. The beauty with this DHEA supplement is that its free from soy, sugar, additives or gluten. Its only measured in milligrams.

Jarrow formulas dhea

Jarrow formula is a supplement company that’s focused on optimizing health and wellness. Apart from manufacturing supplements, they also offer a variety of vitamins and mineral to the clients. Their efforts have earned them numerous awards from recognized institutions for their advancements in nutrition and health.

Jarrows formulas dhea is a natural supplement that known for improving the immune system, promoting cognitive function and increasing stamina during strenuous exercises. Its available in three different sizes each with a different dosage.

You can find this supplement in 10mg, 25 and 50mg. It offers the 7-keto line in 100 mg doses. Its made of ingredients such as silicon dioxide, gelatin, cellulose, magnesium stearate and cellulose. This product is free from shellfish, eggs, soybeans, wheat, gluten, and dairy.

Life extension dhea

This company is registered with NSF international and boasts about providing an array of supplements made from natural ingredients. Its products are common among athletes and bodybuilders.

Life extension DHEA supplement is a product that is carefully made to replenish the natural DHEA hormone levels that decrease with time. It also offers other DHEA products that help in providing solutions for mood enhancements, weight management, and hormonal balance.

Their supplements are available in 15mg, 25mg, and 50mg. The 7-keto complete is also available in 50mg and 100mg. It is ideal for vegetarians, and their ingredients are all natural and raw materials locally available.

Country life vitamins dhea

Country life company is a USDA organic and Gmp certified company. It provides vitamins and supplements that enhance health and wellness.

The company ensures that all their products are safe for consumptions by testing them for quality before distributing to their clients.

It manufactures dhea in both dhea men and women complex line. Their dhea supplement provides healthy hormonal balance and increases anti-aging properties.

It is also available for both men and women in 10 and 25mg. If you are a vegetarian; this is the product for you. It has no wheat, soy, any artificial flavors or sweeteners, and gluten.

Pure encapsulations dhea

​The company is widely known for its unique formula and ingredients. Unlike other companies, they don’t use coating or magnesium stearate in their supplements.

If you are looking for DHEA supplements that will increase your cognitive function, boost your immune system, enhance your mood and help in balancing your hormones, then this is the best product for you.

​Its available in 5mg, 10mg and 25mg. it is ideal for vegetarians, and the 7-keto line is also available in 50 and 100mg.

​Nature bounty dhea

​It is a top and favorite brand and known for the numerous vitamins, supplements and other enhancements made from 100% natural ingredients. It is available in 25mg of each dhea serving.

​zhou nutrition dhea

​Its produced and distributed as a vegetable capsule. It is available in 50mg of DHEA per serving and contains 50 servings per bottle.

​Havasu nutrition dhea

Havasu prides itself on being a contributor and producer of products that promote health and well being. The company is Gmp certified. Havasu nutrition extra strength dhea is made of natural ingredients that help in improving moods, increases your energy levels and intensifies anti-aging properties.

Available in 50mg capsules and its made of ingredients such as rice flour and gelatin. It contains no additives.

Asquared nutrition pure dhea

​This dhea supplement supports the immune system, increases metabolism, improves libido, helps balance hormones and improves brain activity. It also boosts energy levels.

The supplements are available in 100mg capsules and effective in both men and women.

With this product, you are guaranteed 100% effectiveness, and you can directly order this supplement online or using your phone at the comfort of your living room.

​How to know a good dhea supplement

Your primary focus should be to purchase a DHEA supplement that is effective and will give you value for money. When buying DHEA supplements, it is essential to check on the label.

The label will give you an insight on the chemical used in the manufacturing of the product and if the dosage is correct. You will also know if the supplement is manufactured in U.S.A and if its producer is USP or GMP certified. These certifications ensure that the supplement has met the required food and drug administration standards for supplements and consumption.

Side effects and contraindications of DHEA supplements

Just like any other dietary supplement, you should exercise caution while using dhea. Excessive use of DHEA supplements could harm your body and health. it is advisable to consult your specialist before you include dhea in your diet.

Another critical fact to keep in mind is that people are different and their bodies react differently to drugs. Dhea is not for everybody and you should avoid it if you are:

  • ​Pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • ​If you are undergoing treatment for prostrate or breast cancer.
  • ​If you are under 30 years unless it is vital or under the supervision of a specialist.

Also, seek counsel from your doctor before using dhea if you are using:

  • ​Diabetes, heart and liver drugs.
  • ​Hormonal therapy.
  • ​Anticonvulsants
  • ​Blood thinners.

Below are some known side effects of DHEA supplements:

It can affect hormonal balance during pregnancy or when breastfeeding

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding an infant, it is advisable to stop using DHEA supplements unless it's under the supervision of a doctor. A high DHEA level is known to affect infant development and cause hormonal imbalance during pregnancy which could harm your fetus. You can, however, use DHEA supplements to increase the success rate of IVF because it improves fertility. You can also use these supplements to induce labor without any serious effect.

Reduces the effectiveness of cancer treatment. If you are undheadergoing cancer treatment, it is advisable to avoid using DHEA supplements. Treating prostate cancer includes lowering testosterone levels through medication. Taking DHEA supplements increases testosterone which could render the treatment ineffective. Women with breast cancer should not take this supplement too because it increases the level of estrogen puts them at risk of cancer development.

It can make you sexually hyper: If you are below 30 years, the chances are that your body is still producing high amounts of DHEA hormone since at that stage, the body always produces naturally. Taking DHEA supplements at that age will increase you the sex hormones. This means that your libido will be very high. It may cause you to misbehave, and this could even embarrass and portray you as a pervert.

If you are taking other drugs for underlying ailments, it is essential to talk to your doctor to advise you because taking DHEA supplements with other medications may lead to more irreversible health problems.

Other side effects include irregular periods, a deep voice, decreased breast size, oily skin and enlargement of their genital size in women. Men may experience urinary urgency, tenderness or expansion of their breast and reduced size of their testes.

Normal DHEA range in men

Age Range    Normal Range (ug/dL)

Ages 18 – 19    108-441 ug/dL

Ages 20 – 29    280 – 640 ug/dL

Ages 30 – 39    120 – 520 ug/dL

Ages 40 – 49    95 – 530 ug/dL

Ages 50 – 59    70 – 310 ug/dL

Ages 60 – 69    42 – 290 ug/dL

Ages 69 and older    28 – 175 ug/dL

Women and dhea

Dhea hormone in women is essential in hormonal balance and production of estrogen. Lower DHEA levels have adverse effects on women’s health. 99% of women with lower DHEA levels are likely to complain of symptoms like:

  • ​Aching joints.
  • ​Depression.
  • ​Low libido.
  • ​Low immunity.
  • ​Decreased bone density.
  • ​Decreased muscle mass leading to fragile bones.
  • ​Extreme fatigue.

Dhea hormone production is at its peak during adolescence. In that stage, concentration levels are at 145 to 395 mg/dl. As a woman gets into her 20’s, the levels fall between 65 to 380ug/dl. Levels then gradually decline as a woman gets into her 30’s with ranges being at 45 to 270 ug/dl. When a woman hits 40’s, she will have 32 to 240 ug/dl DHEA concentration levels in her blood. In her 70’s the concentration level decreases and falls to 20% of what she produced naturally in her 20’s.

4 Effective DHEA Supplements to Use for your Bulking-Phase

Want to jumpstart your muscle gain, weight/size, and strength for your bulking stage?

We have hand-picked some of the best DHEA supplements for muscle gain and strength, so you won’t have to.

Check them out:

The Best DHEA Supplements to Get Ripped

DHEA 100 By AST Sports Science

Here’s one of the best bulking supplements to help stack on the muscle tissue.

​Aptly named, DHEA 100 contains a potent 100 mg of pure DHEA to boost your muscle and strength gains over several weeks.

Usually the best bulking phase duration is around 2-3 months, and AST made this container to include 60 capsules for use across this time—although they recommend taking 1-2 pills per day.

One other notable ingredient must be the Vitamin E.

​Here’s the deal:

You’ll want to not only increase your size but also make some good advances in boosting your testosterone levels for muscle tissue build. This is one of the potent gains the Vitamin E in DHEA 100 might help you accomplish.

Users reported experiencing pumps while they lifted weights, which we gather is a result of the generous prohormone, DHEA amount—which increases glucose uptake in the muscles while you train.

Drill Master

This bulking gem contains 33 mg of potent DHEA, and a total serving of 30 pills (3 capsules daily recommended for adults).

If you are looking for a dietary supplement that might help you burn that layer of fatty tissue to reveal your ripped abs, triceps and thighs, this might help—cutting and toning, which is what you really want.

The company also combined a number of super ingredients to boost your size, muscle weight, strength and even performance.

​Those include:

  • ​450 mg of whey protein: to help supplement your muscle with building blocks—helping you sustain muscle mass even while shredding. Basically one of the best protein powders for bulking and toning.
  • ​75 mg L-Leucine: a good deal of this essential amino acid (most abundant of BCAAs) helps add to the benefits of whey protein. But leucine goes further by helping your body to resist emaciating or losing muscle—for example, if you engaged in intense cardio workouts.
  • ​300 mg of L-Isoleucine and 300 mg more of L-Valine to round up the BCAAs trio of muscle gain supplements in one, 30-capsules container.
  • plus
    ​Bodybuilders, especially need to get these essential amino acids (BCAAs) from dietary supplementation (and in hearty amounts too) for best results in clean bulking.

Also, Drill Master does not contain any sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavorings, salt, wheat, gluten or shellfish and corn.

DHEA By Natrol

This one contains 25 mg of purified DHEA per serving, and Natrol recommends taking one tablet early in the mornings.

They derive their 99.5% pure DHEA content, which is then tested using the High Pressure Liquid Chromatography method. Natrol uses 5% wild yam root extract as a phytochemical or diosgenin (and precursor). 

Much like everyone else on this list, their bulking supplement does not contain any artificial flavorings, sweeteners, colorings, and so on. That helps build muscle cleanly.

And if you want or foresee yourself using this supplement for a longer stretch, they sell a 300-tablet bulking stack for just that. Of course, you’ll need to assess if you need all of that DHEA supplementation beforehand, or maybe buy it to share with a bulking partner.

One other thing…

You could Natrol’s DHEA together with test boosters if you want or need to. Some users reported observing increased seminal volume and sperm count. 


Choose it if you want to hit that delicate balance between gaining muscle and hugging weight at the same time.

Much like Drill Master, this 30-servings bulking phase supplement packs 33 mg of DHEA, potent and safe to use for your bulking journey. Unlike Drill Master, though, Enduro packs less pure DHEA and more (750 mg) of Mexican Wild Yam, a popular precursor to DHEA.

It packs fewer BCAAs in comparison to others here, too. You could even use it to get shredded while avoiding compromises on muscle gain. In fact, it contains 150 mg of pre-workout supplement L-Arginine if you plan to rev up your system for workouts.

​But, Enduro works great for a couple of reasons—well, ingredients really:

  • ​75 mg of L-Citrulline: this active ingredient is best used and popular with bulking supplements. In addition to helping you pump muscle, the 75 mg stack in this bottle helps you to also sustain the muscle mass gains you’ve already made when it comes time to cut down on flabby tissue.
  • ​375 mg of Ginseng (containing 20% Ginsenosides): Interesting component here. Ginseng is hailed for its test boosting property. And what better way to cut the flab while building muscle and the ripped body you truly want?
  • ​If you are a man this could also pump up your sexual endurance and aggression, but ladies can also benefit from the proven toning benefits of bumping up testosterone.

Still, the manufacturer made sure to filter all flavorings, colors, sweeteners and useless fillers out.

Instead, Enduro is wrapped in microcrystalline cellulose and vegetable stearate—not mercury stearate, which is not recommended for adverse health reasons such as allergy attacks.

Expert Tips on How to Choose your DHEA bulking product

Note that products that claim to contain huge amounts of DHEA are not the best you’ll want to take up. This is because their kind support lean muscle mass or size gains at the expense of fatty tissue, so you might have trouble while cutting and toning later on.

Cutting down muscle mass needs lots more workouts, time and emaciation than burning fatty tissue.

Also, other bulking product manufacturers spill colossal amounts of Mexican Wild Yam and low amounts of pure DHEA.

Note that while Mexican Wild Yam shows to contain DHEA precursors, it is not in itself DHEA—that’s important. More of MWY only means much less DHEA in the mix.     

Some Best Test Boosters to Use with DHEA

If you wish to pump your test levels, and make your muscle gaining journey one effective sojourn, here are a bunch of testosterone boosters to load up on for best results.

Test boosters can help counteract some of the female estrogen hormone manifestations that the DHEA prohormone might have stimulated.


EVLUTION Nutrition is a respected brand in the sports and fitness industry with supplement products ranging from pre-workout, BCAAs and, of course, testosterone boosters.

For the latter, they manufacture EVLTEST. 

The 14-tablet container packs 1,000 UI of Vitamin D and 350 mg of Zinc—the most essential ingredients for testosterone production. EVLUTION recommends a serving of 4 tablets per day. But it is not recommended for use by women.

Alpha JYM

The thing you want with DHEA is to balance the steroid hormone’s action on estrogen and testosterone hormones’ production.

Every person is different.

While one person may experience excellent bulking results with a DHEA supplements for muscle gain, others may experience heightened estrogen or testosterone actions; increased fatty tissue or more muscle mass build at the expense of fatty tissue.

Alpha JYM’s test booster is formulated to maintain balance in between estrogen and testosterone hormones for these reasons. Notably, it packs 500 mg of Ashwagandha root extract, the popular aphrodisiac with roots in India’s ancient medical practice.

Jym recommends taking 3 capsules twice a day for best results.

Animal Stak by Universal Nutrition

The company formulated a rich anabolic support, vitamin stack for enhanced testosterone boost and action.

If you are prepping up for athletic competitions, Animal Stak might also help jumpstart your strength, performance and stamina. For bodybuilders in their bulking stage, you might be happy to know this test booster contains about 1500 mg of growth-related enhancers such as Arginine.

Even better, it stacks 1000 UI of Vitamin D3 and 10.5 mg of Vitamin B6 to stimulate testosterone production naturally.


DHEA works!

But how it does that might defer from one person’s usage to another’s. As we’ve seen above, you could use DHEA in several different ways. Thanks to its androgen nature, you can use the prohormone to boost results for your bulking, strength, stamina, and even cutting supplementing goals.

The best DHEA supplements work best in any of these cases in different combination with other additives or vitamins or supplements. However, note that if you are a professional athlete you might be banned for using DHEA supplements, so be sure to check what amounts could get you banned—or keep off altogether.

Hopefully, this DHEA supplementation guide and reviews help settle your questions.

Want to learn more about DHEA?