Estrogen Blockers: What are they?

Estrogen blockers as the name suggests are the estrogen blocking agents which are able to decrease the production of estrogen by the conversion of testosterone in males. Estrogen is a hormone which causes feminization in any human being. If its levels are found to be high in men, it will lead to development of female type characteristics in men. Estrogen is normally produced in men in low levels to keep the hormonal balance in male body.

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Three different types of estrogen hormones are present within male and female human bodies. In females, it is produced by ovaries where as in males adrenal gland and testicles produce estrogen. Estrone, estradiol and estetrol are the endogenous estrogens. An enzyme, aromatase, present normally within the body fat, converts testosterone into estrogen in men leading to very high levels. This happens in obese people commonly due to high ratio of fat depots in their abdomen.

Excessive use of alcohol, narcotics and steroids also increases the production of estrogen in the body. Alcohol deranges the liver functions due to which excessive estrogen is not broken down within the body and the levels keep on increasing with time. The synthetic estrogen is also present in processed food, plastics and special personal care products which also enhance the level of estrogen within male body. Increased estrogen can lead to liver side effects which can increase the chances of development of cancer in chest as well as the testicles.

The basic side effects of estrogen in males are the increase in breast size along with emotional imbalances. Loss of muscle mass which leads the overall body tiredness is also commonly seen. These symptoms are very distressing in majority of men. This is where the role of estrogen blockers comes in. These act by decreasing the levels of estrogen in male body leading to decrease in the symptoms presented by increase in estrogen.In females these are used to treat breast cancer and also to prevent any sort of recurrences.

The main mechanism of action of these blocking agents in men is by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme which leads to increase in testosterone levels and minimize its conversion to estrogen in men. These estrogen blocking agents are synonymous to aromatase blockers and testosterone boosters as well.

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The best way to decrease the estrogen level is also by simply following a well schedule for the exercise and workout routine. This will help in keeping active and alert as well as decreasing the overall excessive body weight. The decrease in weight will also reduce the abdominal fat and can lead to decreased estrogen levels within the body.

Estrogen blocking agents are mostly used by clinics in the treatment of male boob treatment which are very effective. These are also used to build up testosterone levels in men who desire to achieve who want to build up muscle mass.

There are natural as well as synthetic estrogen blockers present in market. The synthetic ones come with possible side effects and their excessive use can lead to hormonal imbalances which may affect the health of both males and females. Thus a proper regime needs to be followed when using these estrogen blockers to prevent any severe untreatable complications.

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