Get Rid of Man Boobs or Male Breast by Understanding Its Connection with Food and Drinks

Male breast, man boobs or simply moobs are nothing but the undesirable development of breasts in men. There are millions of products sold worldwide every year which are meant mainly for the purpose of helping men to get rid of man boobs. Occurrence of man boobs can be due to various reasons and one of the most important among them is consumption of unwanted foods and drinks. The society in general views men as potato and meat eaters. Although there is nothing bad in getting labeled like that, if left neglected, it can result in the development of male breast over time.

male breast development stages

While male breasts can develop at any point of time in life, it is found mostly in men falling in the age bracket of 40 to 50 years. On the whole, male breast is nothing but chest fat deposits which refuse to go away. As a man ages and his skin starts sagging, the male breast becomes more and more prominent with passing years. Excess consumption of unwanted foods and drinks over a long period of time enhances the estrogen levels in a man’s body. If avoided, the male breast tissue can turn hard and become too stubborn to be removed easily.

Furthermore, man boobs can also become a social stigma and significantly deplete a man’s confidence in front of people of opposite sex. It is not uncommon of women to ridicule men having male breast.

Let us now look into how you can get rid of man boobs by understanding more about their causes rooted in foods and drinks.

Foods and Male Breast

There are various food sources which can be associated with the development of male breast. The topmost among these food sources are the meat products. In reality, the contamination in meat products happens not so much due to the meat per se, but because of the source of the meat, for example in case of cows most meat production facilities inject cows with harmful growth hormones in order to stimulate their natural growth. Quite naturally, a bigger cow would fetch better price in the marketplace any day in comparison to a leaner one. Most of these growth hormones consist of estrogen which is the main reason for formation of male breast. Continued consumption of cow meat filled with high amounts of estrogen can result in the formation of male breast over a period of time. In certain rare cases, it can also cause milk secretion from male breast tissues.

Soy is another food item which should be avoided altogether if you are vulnerable to man boobs formation. If consumed in the form of beans, soy consists of certain quantities of estrogen. Although the soy plant estrogen is incapable of having the same effect as pure estrogen, in many cases it can trigger a psychological response in a man’s body wherein it can fool the male body into thinking that it is actually receiving the pure estrogen.


Drinks and Male Breast

Almost every man on this planet loves to have a beer every now and then. Although beer consumption is never harmful if taken in moderation, drinking it in excess over a period of time can result in the development of man boobs or male breast. Beer drinking and male breast formation work on a very simple principle which is that beer reduces the testosterone levels in the male body and enhances the estrogen levels (female hormone).

Having couple of drinks occasionally once in a week will have no harmful effect. However, if you make it a habit to consume liters of beer on a daily basis, your body will naturally experience an increase in estrogen levels over time. When this happens, the male breast formation will happen as a natural result.

The male breast formation is not limited to beer consumption alone. Anyone who consumes alcohol in large quantities will suffer from the same effect. Any alcoholic beverage after entering the body starts reducing the testosterone levels. Over a period of time, the body is unable to determine whether the rising estrogen levels are due to alcohol or natural causes. The end result will therefore be the formation of man boobs.

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