Gynexin: Where can I get this natural supplement from?

Order Gynexin

Gynexin- well known male boob reduction pill is available online from many different stores for easy access to everyone around the world. The pill shows amazing results in reducing the size of male breast without any need for surgery. This intake of the pill paired with proper diet and exercise plan can help achieve the wanted results within the time period of 2 to 4 weeks.

Can I only get it online?

Gynexin can be ordered from multiple online drug stores including the official gynexin website which have many offers to give to its customers. The details of ordering can be found here: which is the official site of this male breast reduction pill. The official site have 3 different prices to offer according to the month of drug supply opted by the customer. One month supply includes one bottle of gynexin which will cost $69.95; 3 months’ supply includes 3 bottles of gynexin with one bottle of Korexin free of cost in a price of $183.85 and lastly a 5 months’ supply package include 5 bottles of gynexin with 2 free bottles of Korexin for only $234.65. Both of these 3 month and 5 month packages come with free added bonuses for the customer.

What is this Korexin that I see bundled together in the deal?​

Korexin is a pill which acts by reducing the fat deposition in the body. This also decreases the sugar craving and helps gain lean muscle mass. When coupled with the gynexin, this helps in attaining the desired boob size within short period of time as the fat deposition rate is decreased.

Can I get it and how fast?​

For US orders, the package is delivered within 3 to 5 working days through USPS priority mail with tracking and delivery confirmation option. International orders are shipped and delivered in 7 to 14 days with first class delivery including delivery confirmation. The only country where Gynexin is not delivered by the official website is Norway. International customers are supposed to pay for any added customs taxes and the company is not responsible for any delay in the shipment of the package.

Where is the places I can trust to get my original Gynexin?​

The official site gives a 60 day money back guarantee in cases where customers are not satisfied with the product. The unopened bottles can be returned to the company and the company will refund the money. So it is wise to order in small quantities while one is initiating the treatment.

A second site which delivers internationally the 60 pill bottle of gynexin is the . The comes with a free delivery option as well as shipping charges as well depending upon the package one picks. The price of one bottle varies from $93.50 to $97.99. This is an expensive option to buy from but can be used by people residing in Norway especially.

It is wise to buy from the official website as the product is available throughout the year and can be refunded any time. This option is not available at amazon. Before starting the use of gynexin, one should always consult a doctor in order to avoid any untoward effects later.

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