Gynexin Alpha Formula Review – Does it really work to get rid of man boobs?

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Welcome to one of the most honest Gynexin reviews you will find online, the reason is that I was in your position a couple of years back, Yes I too suffered from Gynecomastia and could not get my questions answered on any forum
or website.

So I started to gathered information through trial and error. You can thank me later for this….
In this review you will learn how you can get rid of your
​man boobs with one simple natural pill that works on the ​mammary glands, but you should know certain aspects like side-effects, risks, results from current users and so much more so that you will know from the start, if this supplement will work for you or not.

We look at mens health holistically and any supplement that does more good than harm is what we would invest our time and effort in to investigate.

Gynexin Review

Let’s be straight forward from the start and I need you to be honest and answer the following questions before you read any further!!​

  • Can you go to the beach and take off your shirt and walk around with confidence?​
  • Do you wear shirts that doesn’t really fit you?
  • Are you wrapping your chest or wearing a vest to hide your chest?
  • Have you been pulling away from people and relationships because you are scared they may notice your Breasts?
  • Have you been wonder if there is a non-surgical solution that guarantees results?

You are still reading, so I guess you have answered at least one YES above, well let me tell you, You are not alone and there is an answer to your situation, keep on reading.

Here is a Quick overview on Gynexin

Gynexin Alpha formula


  • Reduces fatty tissue in the chest
  • Works for 99% of all men who take it as prescribed
  • 2 tablets a day for a min of 60 days to see results
  • Safe, yet effective all natural herbal supplement
  • 60 day money back guarantee

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​Gynexin Ingredients

​Ingredient ​Mode of Action
​1. Chromium ​ (Picolinate) Increases Metabolism
​2. Proprietary Blend ​Reduces Fatty Tissue in Chest
​3. Guggulsterones (plant resin) ​Targets fatty cells in chest
​4. ​Green Tea Extract ​Increases Metabolism
​5. Theobromine Cacao (fruit) Prevents water retention
​6. Caffeine ​Weight loss and energy
​7. Gelatine Capsule cover

​Gynexin Before and After Results



Okay so if you were honest you answered “YES” to more than on of my questions above! You are you sick and tired of your sagging man boobs! You have zero confidence with the fairer sex, right? What if I told you there is a natural, herbal product available that can reduce your chest, and get you mojo back? See the official Gynexin page here

See the official Gynexin page here


Here is what you will find in my review:

  • What is this condition that is stealing your confidence?
  • Will I be able to go without a shirt(in Public) in 2 months or less?
  • Why Gynexin can guarantee their results within 60 days?
  • Where can I get the best deal on Gynexin?

What is Gynecomastia actually?

If you’re suffering from “man boobs” you know what it’s like to go swimming in public or wear outfits that are tighter fitting.

You’re definitely not alone, it’s much more common than many people realize.

The medical term for this is Gynecomastia, and it can lead to a number of health problems if it’s not properly addressed, it mostly affects the mammary glands and fatty tissue in the chest area.

What is important to know is that you do get different types of Gynecomastia, and depending of what type, the results may differ between the different treatment options.

Like mentioned above Gynecomastia / Man Boobs / Male Breast develop mostly because of an increase in fatty tissue in the chest area, this is caused because of an imbalance of testosterone to estrogen level which is regulated by the ​Pituitary

Although Gynecomastia can be found in some infants, mostly it starts in the teenage years where hormone secretion is at its highest but for most of the boys out there it doesn’t stay permanently.

It can be overwhelming with the amount of products and programs out there to help people suffering from Gynecomastia and I would always encourage you to start with the safest and least invasive options first.

I have just touched on this subject here but you can read more on Gyncomastia as a condition in this post:

Before we get to what the product can do for you, lets start by looking at the different Gynecomstia that you get and might have right now.


Gynecomastia/ Man boobs/ Moobs is the enlargement of breast tissue in Men. Its as common as 6 in 10 men that may have it.


This can be explained as a fake/false version of Gynecomastia caused by fatty tissue in pockets in the breast cavities.

Mixed Gynecomastia

When your enlarged breast is caused by increased fatty tissue as well as enlarged breast tissue, you have mixed gynecomastia. This is common in men that have a higher than normal body fat percentage.

Pubertal Gynecomastia

4 out of 10 boys see an unusual amount of breast tissue when they reach puberty, this is called pubertal gynecomastia, for most boys they subside right after puberty.

Okay so now we have clarified the different types of “man boobs” that exists, you can see that its not always clear what type of Gynecomastia you may have, and that is fine, just as long as you understand the difference in fatty tissue and

What are the Gynecomastia treatment options?

​There’s a safe breast reduction pill which is rising to popularity that is geared toward reversing the cause of “man boob” and it’s called Gynexin Alpha Formula.

Keep reading and you will see the facts, figures, pro’s and con’s that you can expect when using ​the best natural supplement for man boobs

Even if you are that 1% that does not get the results you were looking for, at least you can have confidence in knowing that you tried one of the most effective – low risk – options on the market.

Moobs, or commonly referred to as the man boob is a very common problem which may be due to number of different causes that may affect mammary glands, but herbal breast reduction pills do exisit and can help you significantly as you look at
treatment options.

This medical condition is mostly cosmetic in which the male gender is faced with the problem of excessive enlargement of their breasts / mammary glands and doesn’t appear good when you are placed in social or work

The best way of treating this is by finding the underlying cause and eliminate the it. Another commonly used option is to treat it by doing a surgical removal of the enlarged part.

This is both expensive and is prone to leave behind some scar marks at the site of surgery.

Are you sick and tired of your sagging man boobs? Do you have zero confidence with the fairer sex? What if I told you there is a natural, herbal product available that can reduce you
chest size, and get you mojo back?
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What is Gynexin alpha formula?

​Gynecomastia can cause chronic stress and anxiety in many men. And not all can afford the expensive breast surgery or hormonal treatment.

​Its a herbal product which has all the natural ingredients to help reduce the size of the male breasts within 3 to 4 weeks.

Who sells gynexin?

This product is manufactured and sold by the Zudker Group. The official site can be found at

When to take gynexin?

It’s extremely important to take it regularly to maximize your chance of success. Depending on individual response to these male breast reduction pills, the time duration for the change in size may vary person to person. The recommended dose is 2
tablets a day as a month supply is 60 pills in a box.

When does gynexin start working?

As mentioned above the recommended dose is 2 pills a day, but to see the full benefit of the supplement you will at least have to take it for 3 months consecutively.

You may find that ​it will need to be combined with male weight loss supplements to gain better results. As it is being manufactured in FDA approved facility, it is supposed to have the ingredients which are also FDA approved.

But strangely enough, although it has been in market for past 8 years, the ingredients used in the formulation of these male boob reduction pills are not FDA approved. It is marketed as a dietary supplement and not as any medicine used to
treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition.​

Have you heard enough yet?

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Does Gynexin really work?

This man boobs supplement works on the excessive fatty tissue surrounding the male breast. The fat is burned and therefore acts as a fat burner or a weight loss supplement.

This helps in regaining the natural shape of the male boobs. Though these capsules can’t be used to treat the hormonal imbalance, which may be the underlying cause of this condition, it can certainly move you one giant step

It may not take hours and hours of exercise to take effect, but it is advised to incorporate small, manageable, and consistent amounts of exercise to achieve your ideal body type.

As a user of this wonder supplement it is also important to control your calorie intake. You may find that combining Gynexin with fat burning pills could enhance your results further than expected.

Everyone is different and your response to it should be closely monitored and assessed after around one months’ time.

This will help determine whether Gynexin Alpha Formula is having any effect on the body or not. If no response is seen, either a doctor can be consulted or it may be discontinued.



Okay so lets be honest, there are many reviews out
there on the web, but how do you know what are real reviews and which are fake?? Well I am trying to make it easy for you to see the facts from fiction on this page and trying to provide you with everything you need to make a decision that is
best suited for YOU!!

Have you heard enough yet?

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Here are some of the Results customers have been reporting on the Official Page


Tim from San Diego

The first thing I noticed when I started Gynexin is more energy. I have lost inches off my hips, waist, arms, thighs and most importantly my chest. I am nearing the completion of my third blister pack and I can see a big difference. I actually took my shirt off yesterday when I cut the lawn! This may not sound like a bid deal to most, but if you suffer from gynecomastia you know exactly what I’m talking about. I haven’t had my shirt off outside for years. I just had to share my success. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Tim B
San Diego, CA

Tim from San Diego

I have been taking the product for just over 2 1/2 months and have noticed a more masculine chest. My chest is not yet exactly where I would like it to be but I am hopeful that it will be over the next couple of months I got the 4 +1 deal. Also I noticed an additional benefit of a more sculptured stomach and have cut back significantly on my ab exercises while maintaining the tone. Thanks for that extra surprise. Even if there is no more reduction it was worth the purchase for the results I have experienced so far.

David Shannon
Long Beach, California

What does it contain?


​Gynexin Side effects

​It should be stated that products, even natural supplements that affect on part of the human body has an effect on other systems and this is called side effects (not intended results). Some products are now primarily used for its initial side
effect because the side effect was more prominent that the anticipated effect that it was developed for.

​If you are suffering from the following, its recommended not to use Gynexin:

  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • If you are classified a high risk medical patient
  • Whilest you are using St. John’s Wort
  • While on treatment with Acetaminophen

​If you compare this to many of the other medication and supplements on the market, this supplement is safe to use, but we will always recommend you consult your healthcare provider if you have any doubts.

​Additional ​things to do when taking Gynexin for Better Results

Below you will find a list of food items that you may want to avoid as they promote:

  • Seeds: Sesame & Flax seeds
  • Soy Products:​Tofu, ​beans, ​Milk, Yogurt
  • Fruits: Strawberries & Peaches
  • Vegetables: Green Beans, Mung Bean Sprouts, Alfalfa Sprouts
  • Legumes: White ​& Black Beans
  • Nuts:  Peanuts, Pistachios, Walnuts.
  • Dried Fruits: Prunes, Apricots, Dates.
  • Beverages: Red WineHerbs: Garlic
  • Grains:Multigrain Breads

​These type of foods could form part of a healthy diet, but because the issue is mostly to do with the balance between testosterone and estrogen, you want to increase your chances of achieving your own Gynexin testimonial by not eating food
that is fighting against what the supplements are trying to achieve and that is reducing your estrogen levels.

Gynexin Money Back Guarantee

How about another benefit that most supplements don’t offer you? A money back guarantee of 45 days apply for any unopened bottles. This means that if you opt for some of the special bundles they run on their website and don’t see results
within 60 days, you will get your money back.


​I hope that you have found value in my own Gynexin Review. I have tried to give you all the different aspects that I was looking for when I needed Gynecomastia medication. You are welcome to contact me if you need any other
information that is not on this page.