What Is a Testosterone Patch?

Increase Your Testosterone Count with Testosterone Patch

Testosterone is part of the male hormones whose clinical term is androgens. Testosterone develops the male sex characteristics such as facial and chest hair, pubic hair, deep voice and muscle growth. It is also responsible for the growth of the testes.

Low testosterone level leads to small testicles, and short and weak erections. These are two of the most basic determinants of deficiency in testosterone level.

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction? Do you for the most part feel like you do not have sufficient testosterone production? Have you considered the assumption due to certain symptoms which you have noticed as per testosterone home tests that you have performed? Are your observations and self-evaluation aligned with deficiency in testosterone level?

Then you may have just found a solution in the form of a testosterone patch.

What Is a Testosterone Patch?

A testosterone patch is a medicated patch which contains testosterone to help treat diagnosed testosterone deficiency. The testosterone contained in this slim, film-like testosterone patch serves as a hormone replacement in men who are unable to produce enough testosterone.

A testosterone patch is a transdermal form of medication. This means, that the hormone replacement is ingested or absorbed through the skin from which it finds its entry to the bloodstream and aids the body to achieve the normal or correct testosterone level.

While it is primarily intended for treating deficiency in the amount of testosterone production and for increasing sexual abilities and sex drive, this patch also maintains the muscles and results in their puffing up as well as preventing bone deterioration.

The Most Common Patch Sizes and Testosterone Contents

You may choose between the 12.2mg patch and the 24.3mg patch. These numbers state exactly the amount of testosterone content in milligrams of the patches. The former, as the amounts say, delivers a lower testosterone count to the body, i.e., 2.5mg for every 24 hours; while the latter delivers double of the latter’s testosterone amount, i.e., 5mg for every 24 hours.

Although these are most widely used and commonly subscribed to, there are other patches containing different amounts in the market.

It is important to note that the testosterone amount which differs from one patch to the other also differs in effects.

How Do I Properly Use a Testosterone Patch?

applying testosterone patchThe patch has a protective film which, when taken out, exposes the sticky side of the patch. After peeling off the protective film, immediately stick the patch onto your skin.

Note that the patch should be applied on a completely dry and clean skin area which means it is free of oil or any cream and ointments, and any forms of irritations and inflammations. This is important to remember because placing the patch on an adulterated skin region may decrease the amount of testosterone ingestion or absorption.

The back, the abdomen, the thighs and the upper arms are the only parts where you can apply the patch. Never apply the patch on your scrotum or on bony areas of the body like the shoulders and the hips.

You wear the patch within 24 hours and then replace it with a new one but apply the next patch on a different skin area.

It is very important to bear in mind that you must not apply the patch onto the same area consecutively. The cycle is that the application on one area already previously applied with the patch has to wait for seven days before being applied with another patch.

If you are going to bathe or go for a swim, or any other forms of contact with water, you need to wait for at least three hours after adhering the patch to your skin. The reason for this is because water and sweating can wear out the patch and decrease its effectiveness, if not, it could make it come off completely.

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