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  • How to treat Gynecomastia (1: nutrition + exercises, 2: medication, 3: surgery) and summary of cons and pros
  • For who this treatment is recommend

Gynecomastia: The Solution isn't so quick and easy or is it?

Okay so lets get down to it, what if a girl asked you for a swim?

Would you hide away because you are scared that she and the other people around would judge you for your Man Boobs? Or would you take the plunge and get closer to her in a public place, showing your manly body that you are so ashamed of off??

Okay so I don't know you at all, but let me share my story about me struggling with Gynecomastia (moobs) and maybe you can relate.

ablet with

So let me start at the beginning, okay maybe not the beginning but actually puberty....

This was the toughest period of my life - zits, growing hair in funny places and just being akward around girls. That sounds sort of normal except....

Those months turned into years and even a decade, until I started researching what I could do. I wasn't overweight but I decided to start exercising and looking at a high protein diet.

Things started turning and my body and chest started taking shape, but even at my lowest body fat percentage which was 13%, I still had these bee sting look-a-likes under my loosely fitted shirts.

I thought I would have to start wearing Manssiere or the moobs bra? Well if you don't do something soon you will have to wear one of these male breast bra's I thought to myself.​

I did even more research (1) and found a couple of targeted chest exercises and I focused every single training session on getting my pecks tight and looking like the manliest of chest anyone has ever seen.

In the gym

Fast forward 5 years later my chest is looking a 100x better than it has ever looked and all of this from non-surgical options.

I have to tell you it took effort and hard work. I had to focus on what I ate, regular chest specific exercises, taking estrogen blockers and even creams for a period of time to be where I am today.

​Prevalence of Gynecomastia Map

prevalence of gynecomastia map

Gynocomastia Extrapolated Prevalence around the World

The statistics that you see on this map have been extrapolated or derived from the prevailing situation of gynecomastia in various countries taking into account the incidence of gynocomastia in the US, UK, Canada or Australia. These figures are extrapolated taking into account the population of a country.

This calculation is thus arrived through an automation of figures and not determined by other factors such as genetics, cultural and environmental influences nor racial and social circumstances. This means that these extrapolations though inaccurate seek to provide an idea of the problem and the extent to which it prevails in other countries. Most of these statistics’ are only interesting from the perspective of the topic in question and nothing else

Gynocomastia in Southern Asia

From the map one can see that gynocomastia is highly prevalent in developing countries namely India, Bangladesh, Myanmaar and Nepal. From the figures  of South Asia one can see that India stands in the topmost category of Gynecomastia cases leading with almost 58,735,509 cases followed b y Pakistan at 8,779,209 cases.

Gynocomastia in Eastern Asia

Topping India in obesity with Gynocomastia is China with a whopping 71,627,623 cases but n comparison there is a huge drop in neighboring oriental countries like North Korea, South Korea, Macau, Hong Kong and Japan featuring figures as low as 378, 039 . From China to North Koreas there is a drop of almost 69 million cases proving that the Chinese lifestyle isn’t all what it seems in terms of obesity and health.

Gynocomastia in Europe

In terms of obesity and gynocomastia, Europe has fairly low numbers with the highest number of cases topped by Germany, France and the United Kingdom featuring in the 3 million brackets. (UK-3, 23,752, Germany -4,545,474 and France-3,332,752) making Germany the topper of Gyonocomastia cases in the whole of Europe. The country with the lowest number of cases was Bosnia Herzegovina at 22,478 and Iceland the lowest at 16,211.

Gynocomastia in Americas

The country with the highest number of gynocomastia cases in both North and South America is Mexico with 5,788,212 with the USA close on its heels at 16,194,231. The country with the lowest cases of Gynocomastia in both North and South America is Belize at 15,088. The countries with the lowest number of gynocomastia cases in the world are Lichtenstein with 1843 cases and Monaco at 1779 cases but, given the figure of the population of Monaco being 32,990, it could well be among the higher prevailing countries being the same as the USA at approximately 5%.

Gynocomastia in the Middle East

The Middle East is fairly consistent in the range of figures where gynocomastia cases falls in the range of 1 to 2 million bracket in the high end countries like Saudi Arabia with 1,422,570 cases but that’s the same as the USA in the 5% bracket. Egypt has the highest number of cases at 4,197,651 cases.

Gynocomastia in Africa and Australia

Given the strength of its populations, Africa surprisingly stays well within the 1 million bracket except for Congo and Ethiopia with a whopping 3, 934,001 cases. Australia features 1 million odd cases but that’s still a high incidence at 6% in terms of population including New Zealand with 5.5%.

Here are 5 myths of Man Boobs you shouldn't believe:

1. In order to lose your man boobs it is a must that you focus on chest exercises alone

Absolutely wrong! Occurrence of Man Boobs is mainly due to excess fat inside the body which cannot be addressed only by chest focused workouts. When you lose fat, you lose it uniformly from every part of your body. You will be much better off by opting for cardio exercises such as jogging, brisk walking and even some amount of resistance training with the help of weights. Those bench presses will certainly help, but ignoring the cardio aspect completely will get you no results.

2. Anabolic steroids are absolutely necessary to get rid of man boobs

False again! People normally think that anabolic steroids enhance the body's testosterone levels, thereby reducing Gynecomastia. However, this perception is completely false. On the contrary, steroids can actually be a cause of Gynecomastia, so you will only be adding to the problem. Why do we say that steroids can lead to man boobs? Whenever you stop taking the drug, you will start experiencing a fluctuation in your testosterone levels and a temporary increase in the estrogen levels, thereby leading to the development of fats in the chest area. Please keep in mind that Man Boobs occurring due to hormonal imbalance are the most difficult to get rid of.

3. Genetics are the most prominent reason for development of man boobs

Not quite! Although there is a higher chance of you suffering from obesity if your parents are overweight too, genetics are not the only reason for man boobs. You could be skinny as a stick and have a well sculpted body, but addictions such as smoking marijuana, steroids and poor diet can also bring about the formation of man boobs. Nobody is exempt and that is exactly why it is highly important that you educate yourself about this topic.

4. It is easy to get rid of man boobs by simply taking some magical hormone pills

No way! Carry out a simple search on Google for hormonal supplements to get rid of man boobs and you will be bombarded with millions of results. Although there are certain reputable hormone supplements brands that can help you get rid of Gynecomastia, the best results can only be achieved by complementing such efforts with a controlled diet plan and regular exercise.

5. You can never get rid of man boobs without surgery

Absolutely false! This is the biggest myth associated with Gynecomastia. The most commonly found cases of Gynecomastia are actually of pseudo-Gynecomastia, which is simply caused due to excess fat content in the body. Some cases of Gynecomastia are only temporary ones because of hormonal fluctuations as it is commonly found in adolescents during their puberty. More than 90% of such cases can be cured by natural methods such as dieting, regular exercise, specific nutritional supplements and hormonal therapy. If you are wanting more information regarding Gynecomastia surgery, we have written a whole section that covers surgery but also who are the best surgeons in the USA to go and see to get it done the right way.

So how does all of this help you???

Well I am basically a self proclaimed expert in the field of Gynecomastia and I want to help guys that are fighting these ​Man Boobs / Moobs everyday of their lives.

This page is dedicated to giving you a quick run through of what you can do and use to loose your man boobs as fast as humanly possible without going under the knife.

So keep reading and you will learn a thing or two.

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​How to get rid of Gynecomastia: Tips and tricks

A physical condition in men that involves enlargement of breasts, just like women, is referred to as Gynecomastia, or more popularly as man boobs or moobs.

Such risk of developing this condition increases with age. Anyone suffering from this condition usually becomes the victim of teasing and embarrassment, especially when he’s around friends.

Manly chest

Often, people who suffer from this fall into depression, as the majority of them are growing teenagers.

In fact, research reveals that almost one-third of the entire global male population experiences gynecomastia at some point in their lives.(2,3,4)

​In teenagers, this occurrence owing to puberty changes is the most common factor, and here a wait and see approach should be taken rather that acting in haste.

Furthermore, when it manifests in infants and teenagers, it can get resolved on its own, without the need of any gynecomastia treatment.

The safest option is a compression shirt for teenagers as I mentioned that it will most likely go away and the shirt would just assist with the temporary embarrassment.

​The condition affects men who’re primarily not overweight and most are actually in good shape with ​this gynecomastia issue.

Furthermore, some of the main causes are congenital anorchia, testicular trauma, exposure to certain household products, malnutrition, Klinefelter syndrome, viral orchitis and more.

The ideal chest

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T​ypes of  Gynecomastia: What do you ​have?

Please note, there are other similar conditions that may exhibit the same symptoms as gynecomastia. However, they aren’t exactly the same. It may not be helpful if you use popular treatment methods for them. These are:

Mixed Gynecomastia– In this condition, a person although experiences breast tissue enlargement to a certain level, it occurs because of a combination of excessive fat content and mammary gland tissues. A male who’s obese and has excessive fat deposits in his body is most likely to suffer from mixed gynecomastia.

Pubertal Gynecomastia - Many adolescent males throughout the world feel extremely worried about their rapidly growing breast tissues. All these boys must take note of the fact that as many as 40% of all males at this juncture of their lives, referred to as puberty, suffer from this condition. In the majority of cases, their chests get flattened by themselves once they enter adulthood. Hence, they don’t require any specific treatment to tackle such natural process.

Pseudogynecomastia - Also commonly referred to as false gynecomastia, it is a condition which is characterized by enlarged breast tissues and men, mainly attributed to fat accumulation, rather than growth of breast tissues. Such unwanted fat accumulation, appears quite similar as regular gynecomastia or man boobs and hence the name pseudo gynecomastia.

Have you asked yourself: ''How ​to get rid of Gynecomastia in a safe yet effective manner?"

Below detailed are some effective methods that can help you get rid of your man boobs in an effective and quick manner.

well built man

Okay so lets see if there are any diet and nutritional  recommendations that may work:

Making some dietary changes into your daily routine can have a huge impact on your efforts in ridding your gynecomastia.

Try following a high-fiber and low-fat diet that helps you undergo effective weight loss over a period.

Following such diet plan and accompanying it with a regular exercise routine, will help you burn off all excessive fat deposits that stay hidden in problem areas like breasts, buttocks, and thighs.

In addition, when you create a calorie deficit by following such strict diet, your body will automatically convert its fat reserves into expendable energy for keeping up with its everyday functions and tasks related needs.

Please note, a diet plan which is specifically targeted at gynecomastia needs to go far beyond than merely cutting down on saturated fats and fried foods.

You can get your daily fill of fiber by including fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables into your main meals.

Food items like wild berries, cabbage, chilies, kiwi, broccoli, brussels sprouts, grapefruit, cauliflower, and apples are known to be rich in fiber.

It will always help if you take some of the Best diet pills for men that are specifically designed for your man body and that will assist your specific needs to lose weight faster than you can think in combination with a healthy balanced eating plan and this will help you lose your man boobs even faster.

You can do exercise to lose chest fat and reduce breast size naturally by lowering your fat percentage.

Do as many reps as you can with a bench press as this exercise can reduce ita to a certain extent but not completely.

Furthermore, try preparing and eating all your meals at home only, so you’re aware of things that you’re putting into your body.

What’s more, home-cooked meals are far healthier in comparison to the ones you have in restaurants, especially the fast food outlets.

If you’re serious about getting rid of your man boobs naturally, making such dietary changes can go a long way in accomplishing that goal.

Chest exercises for your: These Shape and build your chest fast!

Strong and power bodybuilder doing exercises with dumbbell

Just like you do specific exercises targeted at building muscles in your thighs, arms, back etc., there are certain workouts and chest exercises for men that are specifically effective in gynecomastia treatment.

If you’re contemplating joining a gymnasium anytime soon, you will be better off consulting a qualified trainer and practicing certain exercise techniques that’ll target your chest muscles and chest fat.

In fact, some of the mild cases of man boobs can be completely cured by tightening the chest muscles through following exercise routines:

  • Seated rowing – This exercise helps as it targets and firms up the pectoral muscles.
  • Push-ups – Not only do push-ups tighten up the upper muscles of the chest, but also help significantly in reducing their size.
  • Interval training – This type of training involves short and intense exercise sessions, alternated between exercises of less intensity. Following such training routine, you can quickly get rid of fat deposits throughout your body, including your chest region.
  • Incline press – Doing incline press with a bar or dumbbells can help in reducing the sagginess of your chest and lifting up of the chest muscles. This way, although lifted, your chest muscles will appear manly.

Training to lose weight is a good start, as diet and exercise are recommended in all forms of losing man boobs whether it's surgery, exercise, creams or pills.

Here is a good chest excersises post that I did that provides a lot of different target actions you can do today to reduce the appearance of your ​man boobs.

When you suffer from gynecomastia, you should focus on upper body strengthening and toning the chest area.


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Some people even talk about the testosterone to estrogen ratio and stress hormone cortisol, and the effect it has on the moobs.

Well in all honesty you should consult a medical professional to test your hormone levels before and after treatment to measure the effectiveness of the treatment, as hormones like high estrogen, low testosterone, prolactin levels and in some cases the aromatase enzyme is the causing factor.

However, please keep in mind that using such upper body exercise routines without gynecomastia surgery or pills requires commitment and time.

You’ll have to be disciplined about them and may have to rearrange your everyday activities to accommodate them effectively.

A lot of Men think that Surgery is the only "Real Solution" for reducing the appearance of your ​man boobs , Lets look at the Pro's and Con's of Surgery

Surgery should be your last option, after looking at all alternatives as listed in this article.

The rational behind surgery is very simple: calcification and cancerous growth in your chest area are the only reasons you should opt for this invasive choice.

Medical treatment

The Con's of Surgery are:

  • High cost of specialist surgeons - most insurances don't cover it.
  • Surgery is always risky i.e Infections
  • Ugly scars that won't go away
  • Recovery time after surgery

The Pro's of surgery are:

  • Fast removal of bulky tissue
  • Shapely chest as wanted when done properly

Okay so there are more con's than pro's if you look at the list above but the fact is that if you have been receiving treatment for your gynecomastia for more than a year you should consider surgery as you should then probably have to remove your glandular breast tissue.

If you want to read a more indepth review and implications of Gynecomastia Surgery, then see this: Gynecomastia Surgery : The ultimate guide

Below we start looking at your cheaper and in some cases your more successful treatment option that is freely available online.

Most of them can be ordered online and delivered straight to your door in a very anonymous way so no-one will no that your are on any treatment for your condition.

​Gynecomastia ​Treatment: Are there any that really work?

Okay so let's look at what is meant with medication when it comes to man boobs.

Gynecomastia Medication in the true sense can be any form of cream, serum, tablet either prescribed by a medical professional or bought over the counter.

This site will only look at natural herbal breast reduction medication for men, either in the form of a cream, serum, tablet or pill that can be bought online from reputable vendors that has built up a reputation of quality products that get results and that has outstanding customer service.

Usage of This cream/serum can do the job:

man and women together

People who’re disciplined enough to apply a topical cream or serum on a daily basis, and aren’t too comfortable with products that must be ingested to take effect, should opt for an effective serum or cream to lose man breast fat naturally.

When talking about such solutions, I can’t help mentioning the Gynexol Cream that is extremely popular among men suffering from the before mentioned condition.

Not only does it help in burning excess fat from the breast area, it delivers tightened skin texture.

Gynecomastia cream/serum is normally applied directly onto the affected area, and its results manifest in around few weeks’ time.

However, please note, the results may vary from person to person and hence there’s no particular time frame in which you may start benefiting from such treatment.

Some people may get rid of gynecomastia faster than others, depending on the severity of the problem and how diligently they’ve been following certain dietary changes.

Following are some of the pros and cons associated with usage of such creams:

Pros of using Gynexol

  • Easy availability – Topical creams and serums for this condition can be easily bought over the counter, or from a large number of online stores (if you feel embarrassed visiting and off-line outlets in person).
  • Ease of use – Such gels and creams are extremely easy to use, without the need of any equipment or external help. Furthermore, you can follow this treatment just about anywhere and at any time, without even stepping out of your home.
  • Non-invasive treatment – Creams/serums/gels are non-invasive ​treatment methods that don’t involve any painful and expensive procedure.

Cons of using Gynexol

  • May or may not work – Although there are all sorts of creams that promise the world to patients, not all of them deliver as per expectations.
  • Correct Application - One of their major drawbacks is that not all men can master their application techniques, resulting in insufficient absorption into the skin, thus compromising on the overall effect.
  • May take time – The results may take some time to manifest as the skin may not absorb the ingredients contained in the cream/serum/gel sufficiently to carry out their task.
Gynexol ingredients

You can click the link to read customer reviews from men like you that got rid of their moobs            

Is there a natural yet effective pill that actually works?

Just like there are several weight loss pills and breast enhancement pills for women, available in the marketplace; you can buy and use pills for men and this pressing issue as well.

Consuming such medicines for moobs naturally without surgery is extremely popular nowadays as their results are comparatively better, and most importantly you don’t need to go under the knife.

Furthermore, as the active ingredients contained in these pills are consumed and processed directly by the body, you’re likely to gain more from such treatment.

In the majority of cases, these pills comprise of substances which either reduce the estrogen levels and spike up the testosterone levels of the users body​

The direct result, in the form of a positive side-effect, is the elimination of man breasts.

For men who are specifically interested in these  breast reduction pills, rather than following stringent exercise routines or dietary habits or application of fussy creams onto their chests, Gynectrol herbal pills offer the perfect solution.

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See below how Gynectrol compares to Gynexin, Both are Gynecomastia Pills available on the market:

1st Choice

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Proven Safe:


Proven Effective:

Most Effective

Overall Rating


Balances out Hormone levels

Reduces Fatty Tissue in the chest

2nd choice

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Proven Safe:


Proven Effective:


Overall Rating:


99% reduction in man boobs

Balances Excessive estrogen Levels

Shhh but here is the secret behind its success

These pills have an impressive 99% success rate when using it correctly. Created with ingredients such as:

  • Scaleorides - helps in boosting testosterone levels and decreasing estrogen levels.
  • Guggulesterones – A catalyst that intensifies the fat burning process.
  • Green tea extract - Acts as a fat reduction facilitator, apart from lowering the bad cholesterol levels and reducing the bad fats.
  • Gynectrol blend - A proprietary formulation that features a unique blend of chemicals specifically effective in targeted treatment.
  • Chromium picolinate – Stabilizes the natural metabolic rate and helps in burning body fat.
  • Theobromine cacao – Caffeine like substance that lowers the blood pressure and stimulates the heart via dilation of the blood vessels.

Gynectrol helps in reduction of both the breast size as well as cutting down the fat cells present inside the breast tissue of the patient.

The recommended dosage of at least 2 pills per day can go a long way in tightening up your torso in as less as three weeks’ time.

It will not hurt the cause to have a fiber diet and make use of whey protein to build muscle whilst the herbal pills do their job, it has been proven that this combination gets quicker results compared to a single agent alone.

Below you can see some of the many testimonials of real users of Gynectrol, this is no fly-by-nite organisation as they have been market leader for the last 8 years.

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See some real testimonials from guys using Gynectrol

Just wanted to add a quick note with my re-order of Gynectrol. I was very skeptical when I found your product on the internet, but you made me a believer. I've been serving in the military for almost 3 years now, and thought that when I enlisted I would be whipped into shape and lsoe my extra body fat.

Since basic training, I lost fat alright, but not my chest fat. Since gynecomastia surgery is considered cosmetic/elective and deemed unnecessary. I am not able to have surgery while I'm in the service. So I thought what the hell I'll give your product a shot.

It didn't take long, I only got a three month supply, and what a difference. I'm very active with training, so I think that helps me with quicker results. Regardless, it works for me. Thanks again

Ft. Bragg. NC
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I had suffered from Gynecomastia for 3 years before I started taking Gynectrol natural supplement. My breasts are NOW back to normal after a 5 month treatment.

This is an incredible product. I know so many men who should be taking Gynectrol. I have recommended it to my oldest brother. Expect an order from him.......

Glaskow. UK
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WOW, I'm super impressed with your product. I used anabolic steroids in my early years and ended up with Gyno. I've alsways wanted to get surgery, but I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia one time.... so I was avoiding surgery. Gynectrol is working great for me. Thanks again.

Pete H.
San Pedro. California
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The best thing about Gynectrol is that it WORKS FAST. My chest is now ripped. There are no signs of my old man boobs. I'm so glad I was referred to your product. This supplement will make such a difference in so many men's lives.

Miami. Florida
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Why is it that Gynectrol is such a highly effective treatment option?

​It is the better absorption of ingredients contained in such pills that make them an excellent treatment option.

Their fast absorption rate facilitates the distribution and utilization of the ingredients contained in them in the best manner possible.

Such reduction pills work best for men who:​

  • Don’t have the required finances or mental willingness to go in for expensive breast reduction procedures like surgery.
  • Don’t have ample insurance cover to fund their surgery cost. Please note that many insurance companies refuse funding such procedures citing the reason that they’re cosmetic in nature.
  • ​Are determined concerning their daily fitness routine and calorie intake, specifically for the purpose of improving their metabolism and burning body fat.
  • Are looking specifically for an effective alternative, to get rid of man boobs naturally without surgery

They're not the ideal solution for men who:

  • Are looking for overnight results, like the ones delivered by cosmetic surgeries.
  • Are looking for customized reduction, as is often opted by celebrities.
doctors agree

How are the natural supplements different from prescribed medications?

Many people believe that they’d be better off consuming prescription drugs than opting for over-the-counter natural reduction pills like Gynectrol, as the former are directly prescribed by qualified doctors.

However, if you look closely, you’ll see that such natural formulations are so effective and safe that they can easily rival or even better the expensive prescription medicines.

Talking about Gynectrol specific, it comprises of all natural ingredients that target the fat cells of the body (especially the ones in the breast tissue) and reduce the body’s lipids to negligible levels.

Furthermore, such herbal/natural formulations don’t have any harmful side effects and body responds to them all the better.

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Whichever treatment method you use in the end, your decision should ideally be based on the following factors:

  • Whether you’re willing to incur the cost and possible side effects of expensive breast reduction surgery?
  • How desperate are you to loose your man boobs?
  • Are you willing to follow stringent diet plan to get rid of gynecomastia naturally?
  • Do you have the required will to follow a daily exercise routine to fix your condition?