How to Get Rid Of Man Boobs Fast without surgery

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When a medical condition is popularly known as “man boobs”, it’s easy to recognize its status as a joke. It’s a very common punch line in comedic films, and in sitcoms it has been featured in Seinfeld or others for laughs.

But the condition also known as moobs and called gynecomastia by doctors isn’t a joke at all. It’s true that it is hardly life-threatening in the literal sense. But it does a lot of harm to one’s confidence and self-worth, and this is especially true for teenage boys who are among the most common victims of this problem. In fact, even the New York Times highlighted this phenomenon, and found out that cosmetic surgeries for teenage male breast reduction have become popular.

That New York Times article was published more than 8 years ago, and Seinfeld is no longer on the air. Yet the problem of man boobs persists to this day.


Causes of Enlarged Breasts

There are two main causes of enlarged breasts in men. The first is caused by a hormonal imbalance, and this is the condition that doctors call gynecomastia. This hormonal imbalance that cause breast enlargement usually happens with newborn babies, for boys going through puberty, and for older men who may develop lower testosterone levels.

  • Babies have gynecomastia because after being born some of the estrogen from their mother stays in the baby’s blood. This is a short term situation, however.
  • About 70% of boys experience gynecomastia during puberty.
  • However, 60% of men who suffer from gynecomastia are 45 years and older.

Sometimes the hormonal imbalance that causes male breasts to grow bigger can be triggered by medications. It’s been found that antibiotics, antidepressants, and medicines for AIDS, anxiety, cancer, heart conditions, and even heartburn can also help cause the problem. The use of cannabis, steroids, amphetamines, and heroin can also be the culprit, and even excessive alcohol can lead to bigger male breasts.

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In fairly rare cases, the hormonal imbalance is caused by an underlying medical condition. This can be tumors in the testicles, pituitary glands, or adrenal glands. It can be caused by decreased testosterone production, liver disease, and kidney failure. Malnutrition can also cause gynecomastia.

The other main cause of enlarged breasts is the formation of fatty tissues in the breasts obesity and excessive weight. In the US, about two-thirds of the population is overweight or obese. Among teens, 30% are overweight, and 18% are obese. These boys have excess body fat, and some of the fat tissues are in their breasts, which makes them bigger.

It’s also possible that gynecomastia which is caused by a hormonal balance can also be exacerbated by excessive body fat. This means that both causes must be addressed if the breast enlargement is to be treated properly.

And this leads to the most obvious problem. How is male breast enlargement issues treated? It all depends on the cause of problem, and experts offer several possible treatment options.

Waiting It Out

For many doctors, this is the most sensible treatment especially for newborns and for teenage boys. According to the National Institutes of Health, having bigger breasts is a fairly common occurrence among pubescent boys. It’s the result of the hormonal fluctuation that comes with puberty. Often, the condition goes away on its own. It is often resolved automatically with the testosterone rush that accompanies the latter stages of puberty.

But this approach doesn’t work for older men. And even for teenage boys, waiting can be interminable, as the teenage formative years can be terrible for their confidence and psychological health that can affect them later in life. Such a wait can last for 2 or 3 years, and many boys want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Teenage boys are influenced by media depictions of fit athletes and movie stars with 6-pack abs and flat chests, and the torment, teasing, and bullying they may experience while sufferings from man boobs can be hell. They can no longer remove their shirts when they’re swimming in pools or on the beach, and the shame can make them excessively introverted and shy.

And even for teenage boys, waiting it out doesn’t work at all if the condition is worsened by being overweight and obese. The extra fat tissues in the breasts don’t go away on their own.

Diet and Exercise

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This approach only works for pseudo-gynecomastia, which is male breast enlargement caused by excessive fat tissues. It’s a condition similar to having a bigger waistline, except that in this case the fat tissues are in the chest area.

And for the most part, health experts recommend diet and exercise for this, just like they do for any weight issues. First you’ll need to go on a diet. You have to consume fewer calories than you use up during the day. This will force your body to convert the excess fat into energy you need for your day to day activities.

Working out also helps with this process. By exercising, you use up energy reserves, so your body is more likely to burn fat in the process. Usually, this involves cardio exercises such as running and biking. But weightlifting also helps because it boosts your metabolism, and your body becomes more efficient in burning up energy even when you’re not currently working out.

The main problem with this approach is that it seldom works. It’s the main reason why obesity is such a huge problem worldwide, and especially in the US. People don’t have the time to work out on a regular basis. They’re just too busy with work.

Furthermore, people also for the most part cannot sustain such diet and workout efforts because they don’t have the discipline. It’s just too difficult.

According to the experts, only 20% of the people who diet successfully lose weight and maintain that healthy weight. Most people fail because they underestimate the calories they consume, while they overestimate the calories they use up. So they think they’re running a calorie deficit when in fact they’re consuming more calories than they use, and they’re just making it worse. They also don’t time their meals correctly, and they don’t get enough sleep.

This is a process that can take a very long time, since experts also recommend that people only lose 1 or 2 pounds every week. And even if people do succeed in running a calorie deficit, there’s no way of ensuring that the body burns up the fat from the chest area. It may use up the fat in the abdomen instead.

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If you want to lose your large breasts right away, one option that has become more popular is surgery. If extra fat is the cause of the large breasts, then the fat is removed through liposuction. If there’s a hormonal component to the problem, then the surgeon must also excise the glandular tissue. The excess skin must also be removed, and the nipple may have to be repositioned.

There are, however, numerous problems to this approach. Perhaps the most obvious is the total cost. Aside from the fee for the surgeon, you’ll also need to pay for the anesthesia, the hospital or surgical facility, the medical tests, the post-surgery garments, and the prescriptions for various medications. Add them all up, and they can easily exceed $10,000. And in the vast majority of cases, such an operation won’t be covered by your insurance policy because it’s considered a cosmetic issue.

Gynecomastia surgery

You’ll also need bed rest after the surgery, and you’ll also have to wear a compression garment for a month. There may even be some scarring involved. But there’s also the risk that the condition will return after the surgery. This is especially true for adolescent boys, as the hormones that caused the initial breast enlargement may still be active.

And even for men of all ages, this procedure doesn’t guarantee that it won’t come back. The unhealthy diet and lack of exercise that caused the man boobs can still get you to grow a bigger pair of breasts if you don’t correct your diet and workout routine. It would be impractical and dangerous if you’ll need constant surgery to maintain your flat chest indefinitely.


Gynecomastia Medication

In some cases, medications may be prescribed by your doctor. For example, you may receive hormone treatments such as testosterone patches. Other doctors may also recommend drugs used to treat breast cancer in women, like raloxifene (Evista) and tamoxifen (Soltamox). Tamoxifen is a drug that inhibits estrogen production so your hormones are more balanced.

But the problem is that though these drugs have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, they have not been approved for this particular usage.

Also, these medicines do not address the breast enlargement caused by deposit of excess fatty tissues.


For the most part, choosing among supplements can be very difficult. They may not be all that effective, and some are made by disreputable companies. However, a few supplements have been known to work safely and effectively. One of them is the Gynexin Alpha formula.


Like other fat burner supplements, the Gynexin Alpha formula targets adipose or fatty tissues. But the main difference with other fat burners is that it doesn’t target the fat in the waist area. Instead, it targets the adipose tissues in the chest and breast area. It’s specifically designed for man boobs. Of course, it doesn’t limit its effect on just the chest area. It also affects the fat tissues in other parts of your body, although the excess fat in your breasts is its main priority.

It also uses only natural ingredients, so there are no weird side effects to worry about. These ingredients include:

  • Chromium. Generally you should consume enough chromium from your diet, but often that doesn’t happen. That’s why you need chromium to get what you need. It helps maintain a healthy metabolism and it can reduce insulin and glucose resistance. It may even lower your cholesterol levels. But for the most part, it is included because it helps your body burn fat.
  • Guggulsterones plant resin. Despite the funny-sounding name, it’s actually an ingredient with serious benefits. It keeps your cholesterol within a healthy range, by turning cholesterol into bile and by helping out your thyroid which helps the liver regulate cholesterol. It’s also an antioxidant, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Theobromine Cacao. This is similar to caffeine, but unlike caffeine it is not as addictive. It is a stimulant so it wakes you up and helps you work out, and it also acts as a vasodilator so it can lower your blood pressure. It can promote drainage, which can help with heart problems due to accumulation of fluids. It can even help with respiration, and it can even reduce coughing more effectively than codeine.
  • Green tea extract. Green tea has long been known as an extremely helpful supplement that provides numerous benefits. It’s an antioxidant, it improves blood flow, it lowers cholesterol, and it prevents a wide range of heart related issues from congestive heart failure to high blood pressure. It’s also good for the brain, as it improves memory and helps fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

For those with excess fatty tissues, green tea when substituted for soda drinks can save more than 50,000 calories over a year. That’s more than 15 pounds lost.

  • Caffeine. This substance is a mainstay in many weight loss supplements, because it is a stimulant that makes you more energetic and therefore more liable to use up more calories. It helps with your breathing, and it even causes you to produce more urine.
  • Sclareolides. This boosts testosterone levels while it reduces estrogen levels. It also helps shrink fat cells. This means that with this ingredient the Gynexin Alpha formula addresses both fatty tissues and hormonal problems that may contribute to the enlarged breasts.

The Gynexin Alpha formula also contains the proprietary Gynexin blend, which is the manufacturer’s secret formula.

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It seems apparent that the use of the Gynexin Alpha formula is the safest and most beneficial way of getting rid of man boobs, especially when coupled with proper exercise and diet. It’s safer and much less expensive than surgery or medications, and it’s also much easier to take the capsules daily than sticking to a diet and workout regimen. By using this supplement, you can really reduce your enlarged breasts so that you can get a flat chest in no time.

We really hope that you have found your answers on How to get rid of ​Gynecomastia with all the facts and figures that we have shown in this post.​