Side effects of estrogen blockers

side effects from estrogen blockers

Estrogen blockers are basically used to decrease the levels of estrogen hormone in both males and females. This can used to relieve symptoms due to excess of estrogen in cases of increased male boobs and breast cancers in females. These are used in different regimes to treat these conditions and many others. Like all synthetic medications, these also don’t come without any sort of side effects.

The common side effects seen are as follows:

· Fatigue

· Hot flushes

· Night sweats

· Dryness in vagina (in females)

· Decreased libido

· Change in periods

· Increased vaginal discharge (in females)

· Mood swings

Severe complications which have increased long term risks of development are:

· Endometrial cancer

· Heart attack

· Uterine sarcoma

· Joint pains

· Bone thinning

· Eyesight changes

· Recurrence in breast cancer

· Blood clots in legs and lungs

· Pulmonary embolism

· Stroke (common in postmenopausal females)

Most commonly there is complaint of dizziness, headache and nausea. These can be adjusted to with time as the body gets used to the effects of the estrogen blocking agent. The nausea can be decreased by taking the medicine with food or a glass of milk before taking the medicine.

There is increased risk of bone breaking as the estrogen helps keep the bone strong, when its levels are decreased, bone thinning takes place. Increased frequency of fractures takes place. A DEXA scan should be done before going for the treatment by estrogen blocking agents as much reduced bone density can lead to excessive bone thinning in both males and females.

Any changes in eye sight should be checked during estrogen blockers intake so that the timely treatment is started and the decision to stop the drug should be taken soon.

Increased frequency of blood clot can lead to increased chances of pulmonary embolism especially in females. Any sign of shortness of breath should be reported to doctor as soon as possible to rule out any chance of possible pulmonary embolism.

Different types of estrogen blockers are available in the market and not all of those cause any of these side effects. Some people may not face any of these side effects compared to others. In case of any discomfort during intake of medicine and any reaction, one needs to report it to a doctor as soon as possible so that proper treatment is done for the symptoms. The severe complications are very rare and the common ones can easily be catered for by taking appropriate measures for them.

It is better to take estrogen blockers only after prescription by a doctor and not to go for self-medication. This will help prevent any unnecessary side effects for intake of wrong dosage of estrogen blockers.

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As you probably know, all pills that effect the body in one way or another will have side effects. What you are looking for is a safe and effective product with the least amount of side effects / effects that you can handle.

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