Testogen Review : 100% Honest Product Feedback

testogen review

Ever woke up in the morning and wondered why you actually did?!

You don’t feel very good and constantly seem depressed, tired and trapped inside a flabby body.

It shouldn’t surprise you that your life has turned quite dull and you’ve got no clue how to turn things around!

Do you know that testosterone deficiency could be the culprit here?!

A large majority of people develop this false belief that their constant decline in libido, irritability, loss of muscle mass and tiredness, are all signs of the natural ageing process. However, specifically in case of men, the reason behind all these is the decline in testosterone levels.

Testosterone is the male hormone whose production starts slowing down once the individual crosses the 30 years’ mark. The natural result of it is loss of sexual desire, sexual performance, excess body weight, constant tiredness and irritability.

However, there is no need to worry as you can always improve the testosterone production in your body and bring it back to normal IN A SAFE WAY.

Enter Testogen!


Testogen is a completely safe and natural health supplement which heightens the male body’s own natural resources for improving the production and utilization of testosterone in the body. On the whole, the person feels and appears better than normal. There are four key things that it does pretty well:

  • Improves libido and the natural flow of blood to the penile shaft.
  • Improves stamina and strength by improving the muscle mass.
  • Sharpens the focus on the individual, whether he is at work or play.
  • Gets rid of excessive body fat, loss of concentration, irritability and tiredness.

You can’t really fathom the efficacy of a supplement without thoroughly investigating its ingredients!

Let’s do that now!


We carried out a quick scan of Testogen ingredients and knew instantly that this product was going to give all its competitors a run for their money, and probably even unseat the best ones from the marketplace. Here’s what all is contained in Testogen:


D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic acid is an amino acid regulator. It is considered the primary ingredient of the Testogen, and for all the right reasons – because it delivers! Whenever a man consumes D-Aspartic acid, the regulator stimulates production of something known as luteinizing hormone in the person’s body.

It is this hormone which in turn improves the production of free testosterones in the body. Free testosterones are testosterones which aren’t attached to proteins in the body and hence are floating in the bloodstream.

Several studies and tests conducted on humans have proved that D-aspartic acid is by far one of the most potent compounds for boosting the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the human body, and directly impacts the improvement of testosterone levels.

Furthermore, research has also revealed that introduction of D-aspartic acid into human body may also possibly improve the testosterone and luteinizing hormone levels by 45.5% and 46% respectively, in as less as 13 days’ time!

This particular Testogen ingredient plays a very vital role in a man’s body as it increases strength, stamina, libido and energy levels, which in turn are all directly related to the way in which Testogen increases free testosterones in the body.

Tribulus terrestris

Also popularly referred to as Devil’s claw, this is a plant/herb which contains steroidal saponin and whose roots, leaves and fruit have been in use for many centuries in production of a large variety of medicines all over the world. It’s actually a herb which is obtained from some of the most driest and hottest places on the planet.

When it comes to men, tribulus terrestris is primarily used for boosting their libido, and hence is actively used in a large majority of natural testosterone booster supplements throughout the world. It is also actively used in the form of a supplement for addressing circulatory and heart -related issues, including problems like high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

However, the primary benefit of it is in the manner in which it significantly enhances libido of the consumers. People who’ve carried out extensive research on tribulus terrestris all agree upon and accept one particular fact, based on thorough medical studies, that it does boost libido.

The only thing that not everyone comes to a consensus on is the extent to which it can boost the free testosterone levels in the user’s body. You may find studies on the Internet which claim that tribulus terrestris has almost negligible impact on testosterone levels, and then there are others that have actively shown its consumption improving testosterone levels by anywhere from 16% to 57%.

If you were to ask us what our take on its contribution to the free testosterone levels in the body is, our opinion is that its contribution is neither 0%, nor 57%, but somewhere in between. Even if it is around the 15% mark, you should lap it up! Nevertheless, more research needs to be carried out in this regard.

Another important fact you must keep in mind that there are certain testosterone boosters available in the marketplace that feature tribulus terrestris as their primary and only ingredient. When it comes to Testogen, it has a phenomenal 300 mg of this ingredient and that considering it isn’t even the main ingredient!

As mentioned earlier, all the medical studies carried out on tribulus terrestris do agree that it does have a positive impact on improving men’s libido. So, you can put it into your body and rest assured that it’s definitely going to benefit you. You may also experience additional benefits as bonus, if you’re suffering from high cholesterol, blood pressure and circulatory issues.

Panax ginseng extract

This is a plant whose root has been in use for more than 2000 years in a wide variety of cosmetic and medicinal products. When it comes to Testogen, Panax ginseng extract is primarily used for boosting physical stamina, energy, mental acuity, endurance and for raising the nitric oxide levels in the user’s body.

The consumption of nitric oxide reduces the recovery time after a person has done extensive work out, and helps in reduction of fatigue while doing high rep exercises. It also boosts the glucose breakdown in the body and improves the energy availability.


An amazing natural herb, fenugreek has been proven to improve the male libido, enhance strength, improve vitality and stamina and normalize the testosterone levels in the male body. Not only does it help in improving the sexual arousal in men, it also contributes significantly to the power of orgasms.

A major reason why fenugreek has been included in Testogen, which is primarily a testosterone booster supplement, is the way in which it impacts Testogen. Studies have revealed that fenugreek is instrumental in producing an anti-estrogenic effect in male users, and we’re all aware that estrogen is the number one testosterone-killer in men, particularly when they close in on mid-30s, late-30s and beyond.

As a man ages, the estrogen levels in his body start increasing with the constant decline in his testosterone levels. This wreaks havoc to the hormonal balance in his body, leading to all sorts of symptoms associated with low testosterone levels such as loss of energy, increase in body fat, poor cardiovascular health, loss of libido, loss of strength and more changes.

Fenugreek also improves the insulin release in the body, which in turn helps in muscle development. It also has excellent antioxidant properties which make sure that the body is protected from all harmful free radicals, allowing it to work efficiently.

Zinc gluconate

Zinc is a super effective testosterone booster and is widely recognized as a potent aphrodisiac. It’s also present majorly in oysters. Regular consumption of zinc helps in keeping a healthy sperm count and assists in a large number of body functions.

It’s important to keep one’s zinc levels topped up as you can lose it constantly through sweat. So, if you’re someone who works out regularly, it’s important that you use some sort of zinc supplement to avoid its deficiency.

Zinc also prevents active functioning of aromatase enzyme which is responsible for testosterone conversion into estrogen. So, in effect, consumption of zinc helps significantly in testosterone preservation in the body.

Zinc also plays a key role in muscle growth promotion and maintenance of optimum health. It encourages dopamine production in the body, which is critical for anyone who indulges in heavy workouts. Furthermore, if all that isn’t enough, zinc also keeps the brain sharp and focused!

Vitamin D

It’s a group of vitamins which is referred to as secosteroids, and talking about Testogen, the supplement consists of cholecalciferol or vitamin D3 in it, which can significantly lift the free testosterone levels in the body.

Apart from that cholecalciferol slows down the rate at which testosterone gets converted into estrogen in the body. On the whole, it delivers a win-win situation for the user.

Vitamin B6, B5 and B2

These are B vitamins that constitute an amino acid group which works in tandem to enhance the testosterone levels in the body by improving the testosterone synthesis, apart from providing the user with several other important health benefits.

Consumption of vitamin B complex on a regular basis has proven to have an anti-estrogenic effect in men, implying that their active consumption decreases the estrogen levels in the body.

Not just that, vitamin B also plays a key role in improving energy production in the body, through the process of carbohydrate conversion.


This is a natural trace mineral which is extracted from the soil and is made an integral part of Testogen. Its inclusion in the supplement is in the form of sodium selenite. This mineral contributes to several important body processes and ensures that they are all carried out properly.

It helps in increasing the effectiveness of antioxidants, which is critical for optimum health as it eliminates harmful toxins from the body. Selenium can be instrumental in lowering of blood pressure as well, which is very useful for anyone who’s been suffering from high blood pressure.


Are there any scientific studies to back Testogen’s claims?

Yes, there are plenty of scientific studies that prove the efficacy of Testogen. 

You can go through all these studies at this page of the manufacturer’s website https://testogen.com/en/scientific-studies/

Scientific studies

Who manufactures Testogen?

Testogen is supplied and manufactured by a reputed company known as Wolfson Berg Limited. It’s a highly trusted name in the supplement industry and has been in operation for over 10 years now. The company is headquartered in Cyprus and doesn’t hide behind a PO. Rather, it has the following exact street address which can be verified by anyone:

Archiep. Makariou III, 124
Kiti, 7550, Larnaca

How do I figure out if my testosterone levels are depleting?

The best way to figure if you’re testosterone levels are depleting is by taking this quick quiz. It’ll give you an exact idea about your current testosterone levels and the kind of Testogen dosage you require. You can also undergo a blood test and ascertain your exact testosterone level. Whatever you do, ensure that you monitor your body’s testosterone content on a regular basis.

Who is Testogen ideally for?

Testogen is the ideal product for every adult man who wishes to improve the testosterone levels in his body. 

As explained earlier, it comprises of all natural testosterone boosters, and no harmful steroids at all.

It has gained huge popularity among athletes, bodybuilders and men engaged in physical activities that require a lot of stamina and strength.


Awesome bodybuilder in a gym

It may also prove beneficial for men suffering from loss of libido and bedroom-related problems.

How much time does it take for it to deliver results?

The quickness of results may vary from person to person depending on the symptoms and seriousness of condition. However, you can expect improvement in your vitality, focus and mood in around a week’s time. If you’re consuming Testogen primarily for bodybuilding purposes, you may see some difference in your performance in anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks, provided that you continue sincerely with your training regime.

How exactly will Testogen help?

Regular consumption of Testogen will provide a marked improvement in your mind and body abilities, making you feel and look better than before. The eight active ingredients (detailed above) of Testogen work hand-in-hand to improve the testosterone level in the user’s body, increasing stamina and strength by development of the muscle mass. The user is able to train for longer, faster and harder. All excess body fat is eliminated and the person experiences a significant increase in libido. Some other benefits include lowering of stress levels, lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol, improved motivation and focus.

Is it safe to consume testosterone supplements?

Provided that you consume it exactly as directed, Testogen is completely safe to use. It comprises of all natural testosterone boosters that are directly obtained from various natural minerals and herbs. In fact, many of its ingredients have been in use in the traditional Asian medicine for several centuries now. However, that’s about Testogen; we can’t say that for every testosterone supplement available in the marketplace.

Is there any banned substance in Testogen?

Testogen comprises of only natural and pure ingredients. However, please keep in mind that substance -related laws may vary from country to country. If you’re a sportsman and/or are engageg in some physical competitive activity, you must check with the relevant sports authorities in your state/country.

Do I need to make any dietary changes when consuming Testogen?

No, you’re not required to make any dietary changes. As testosterone levels rise inside your body, you’ll see proteins getting utilized more efficiently, helping you build more muscle mass.

How long does one Testogen bottle last?

One standard bottle of Testogen consists of 120 pills. Provided that you consume no more than 4 pills per day, one bottle would last you for 30 days.

Are there any side effects?

As Testogen consists of only natural and pure ingredients, the likelihood of suffering from any harmful side effects is minimum. However, as with any natural testosterone booster, there is a small chance of experiencing certain minor side effects. The most commonly seen side effect is oily skin or some sort of allergic reaction.

Are Testogen’s ingredients certified?

As also mentioned earlier, Testogen consists of all natural ingredients. Each one of these ingredients is 100% FDA approved and is safe for human consumption.

What if I’m not happy with it?

Although the likelihood of this is quite less, if you totally believe that the powerful natural ingredients contained in Testogen are not delivering the expected vitality, libido, stamina and strength for you, you can avail the manufacturer’s 60 days money back guarantee and return the product for a refund.

Where all can the product be delivered to?

You can buy and receive Testogen regardless of where you stay in the world, as long as you provide a valid address at the time of ordering. There is no shipping fee and all orders are shipped in the fastest manner possible. You receive a highly discrete delivery at your doorstep.

Do I get any after sales customer support?

Customer support is high on the priority list of Testogen manufacturer. Not only do you get a comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee, the manufacturer makes it extremely easy for you to contact their customer service department for any after-sales questions or concerns.

You can use the email contact form present on the company website or reach them directly through toll-free call numbers (available during regular business hours for Australian, UK and US customers). Furthermore, you can also check out the company’s Facebook page and post your questions and/or comments there.

How much does Testogen cost?

  • You can obtain a one month supply (one bottle) of Testogen (120 capsules) at a discounted price of $ 54.9. However, you save an extra 20% if you subscribe to a monthly delivery, bringing down the per bottle cost to only $ 43.95!
  • Two bottles of Testogen can be purchased at $ 119.95, and you get the third bottle absolutely free!
  • Three bottles cost $ 179.95, providing you with two more bottles completely free and a free e-book too.

You can learn more about the Testogen prices by visiting the Testogen’s order page https://testogen.com/us/order-now/


On the whole, Testogen has plenty of advantages, and has a solid potential of improving the quality of your day-to-day life. You’ll be able to enjoy longer workout sessions without feeling exhausted. Furthermore, building well-toned muscles will become easier and your blood pressure will also come under control. In addition, it’s going to improve your overall mood and relieve any feelings of frustration and/or tiredness. If that wasn’t enough, you’re going to enjoy a much better sex drive and mental efficiency too!