The Link Between Testosterone and Weight Loss

Testosterone and Weight Loss: How Are They Linked?

Can enough or high testosterone level actually help and contribute to weight loss? The truth is that good or normal testosterone production is contributory to weight loss.

Let us discuss how testosterone for weight loss works by first starting off with what deficiency in testosterone production does to your body.

The Effects of Low Testosterone Level in the Sexual, Physical and Mental Aspects of Your Body

In the sexual aspect, a decreased amount of testosterone production results in erectile dysfunction which is the weakness of and shortened period of erection and in turn, decreases the sex drive and stamina. This insufficiency may also lead to infertility.

Just as alarming and disturbing are the mental and physical effects of the hormone’s insufficiency in the body. It causes depression, irregular sleep cycle and routine, and difficulty in retention and focus.

Feeling exhaustion and fatigue easily and decrease in bone strength are some of the physical manifestations of low male hormone level. Even unusual hair loss is associated with the abnormal amount of testosterone production.

Shrinkage in muscle while increase in fats are the most noticed in the physical body that may be linked to low testosterone level. This then brings us back to the subject of testosterone for weight loss.

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Testosterone for Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

When you try to gain muscle by heavy weight lifting and other intensive structured exercises and workouts, you will need a high amount of the hormone production in order to get the most out of your hard labor in working out.

A high hormone level is crucial to gaining muscle mass and so regardless of how much protein intake you make and how hard you exercise, if your male hormone level is abnormally low, gaining muscle and shedding fats is hardly attainable. Muscle strain and energy depletion will also be unavoidable because its recovery and recuperation from the workout will be difficult to manage.

In addition, the more fats are stored in your body, the more aggravated is the low male hormone situation since fats pump estrogen into the body. This translates to the more estrogen there is, the increase in testosterone for weight loss is negated.

However, you can remedy this and break this vicious cycle by way of consumption or absorption of the hormone from outside your bodily systems.

The Aid of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy may come in different forms. Some of the more popular ones are testosterone shots, pellets and patches.

They are not to be taken to instantaneously puff you up. It does not work that way but instead this male hormone replacement therapy will help make your exercise more effective and hence aid in your desired weight loss, and muscle gain at that.

Testosterone for Weight Loss

testosterone for weight lossIt is not like saying that the higher the hormone’s level in your body is, the higher chances you have at better and faster weight loss.

To clear the air, testosterone for weight loss means that this male hormone can fight against obesity by fueling your body in your physical activities.

A good nutritional plan and good workout program plus improvement in your bodily systems, testosterone production included, all together work to achieve weight loss.

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