About testosterone boosters and their presence in the body

Testosterone is a type of steroid hormone in the body and is part of the androgen group. This hormone is commonly found in mammals as well as other vertebrates. Primarily, this hormone is secreted in the testicles of the males and in females, it is found in the ovaries. The adrenal glands in the body have also been known to secrete some little quantities of testosterone in the body. It is part of the anabolic steroids and is huge role player in developing of the reproductive tissues in the body such as the prostrate and testis. It also plays an important role in sexual characteristics such as growth of facial hair, increased bone mass and increased muscle.

Testosterone in adult humans

Plasma concentration of testosterone in adult human males is about eight times more than found in adult human females. However, metabolic consumption of this compound in males has been proven to be 20 times greater than that in females. If one has a deficiency in production of this disease, then they develop a disease known as Hypogonadism. This low production may be caused by pituitary gland responsible for the control of testicles. If one has this kind of problem, then it is advisable for one to go for testosterone replacement therapy which will correct the issue.

Testosterone in the body

At puberty stage is when production of testosterone begins in the body. During this stage, the pituitary gland in the brain begins the production of the follicle which in turn stimulates the hormone. It is the same hormone which is responsible in the production of sperm and luteinizing hormone in the males. During this puberty stage, the production of the testosterone is known to greatly increase and a very high rate. After the stage has passed, the cells continue to produce on a daily basis an average of 6mg of testosterone.

Levels of testosterone

Not all of this compound produced in the body of the males is used up in the body. The liver is the one which inactivates the remaining testosterones and then it’s excreted through the kidneys. Some small portion of this compound remains in the blood system about 4 percent. Production of this compound in women is done through the interstitial cell of ovaries. An average of 50 percent circulates in the blood stream. The other 50 percent is produced by the adrenal gland as well as other body tissues.

It has to be noted that all the testosterone which is produced by women is converted to estrogen. In girls, the level of testosterone is quite low during their infancy stages, however, this amount doubles as they approach their puberty stage. During the regular menstrual periods, this level of testosterone fluctuates sporadically.

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