What Are Testosterone Pellets

Testosterone Pellets: Another Safe Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone is the male hormone that is responsible for the development of masculine features, the boost in stamina and sex drive, the gain in muscle mass, the betterment of memory and retention, and the maintenance of body energies in general.

However, over the years, as a man ages, there is a gradual drop in his body’s testosterone production.

This can be remedied by testosterone replacement therapy which comes in a variety of options. With the right dosage and the right method of delivery, testosterone replacement therapy can be extremely successful and can yield a great deal of benefits.

One effective and safe testosterone replacement therapy is the implant of testosterone pellets.

What Are Testosterone Pellets?

Testosterone pellets are implanted and imbedded in the fat under your skin by a doctor.

These small pellets of 3mm by 9mm in size will gradually dissolve over three to six months which means that the delivery of testosterone into your body will be in a slow yet steady, stable and constant manner instead of being immediate and instant at once.

The Implant Procedure of Testosterone Pellets

Implantation of testosterone pellets is quite simple and can only take up to
15 minutes.

Ideally, 10 to 12 pellets are implanted through a 1cm incision in the subdermal fat layer of the upper buttock area or the upper hip. The area where these pellets are to be inserted is thoroughly cleaned prior to application or injection of local anesthesia.

Should you decide to get testosterone pellet implants, you do not have to worry about getting back with your daily activities and work. This implantation procedure does not require serious bed rest of any sort although it is recommended to avoid too much bending or any unnecessary rigorous physical activities.

Males who previously received the pellets have attested to the effectiveness of this system of testosterone delivery into the body with little to zero side effects for the most part.

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The Advantages of Getting Testosterone Pellets

advantages of testosterone pelletsGradual yet constant delivery of male hormones into the body. These pellet implants work within your body and into your bloodstream in an easy, steady and concentrated way. This means that there is evenness in the delivery of testosterone into the body and in the entirety of its level. This translates to not pumping in too much external testosterone in one go. There is so much more control over the dosage of absorption of testosterone in the body.

Convenience. This type of testosterone replacement therapy is ideal for men who do not want too much adjustment in lifestyle due to daily medication requirements of other forms of therapy. They would not have to be very careful with patches or make regular visits to the doctor for shots.

No risk of transfer. Unlike creams, gels and ointments, pellets are not dangerous for family and friends with whom you have constant physical contact. There are no chances of transfer in this type of therapy.

No adverse side effects. There is no record of any patient who has experienced any negative side effects after insertion, such as infection or pellet extrusion. It is extremely important to note though, that you have to follow post-insertion instructions and cautionary measures provided for you by your attending physician.

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