Top 5 Men’s Cologne To Get The Ladies Go Crazy For you

Top 5 Men’s Cologne To Get The Ladies Go Crazy For you

A good smelling men is one step ahead of the competition, thats a hard truth.

smell good to make her go crazy for you, here we will examine the top and best men cologne to move her attraction levels for you to the roof!

Top 5 Men’s Cologne List

The one is for the spicy and warm cologne lovers, its perfect for the winter time, for a quiet romantic dinner at a restaurant.

please note that this is more of a “adult” fragrance and its more on the heavy side. check out more reviews on

Is very clean and fresh kind of smell.there is more of a woody floral vibe to it.

good thing about this Dior that while its a great smell – not many are wearing it so you can be sure you will be more unique. this one is also perfect for winter and night time out. you can see more reviews and comments on

So much has been said about 1 Million, this is for sure all time favorite for many guys and for a very good reason. women just go nuts for this smell and the longevity is hard to beat. one minus is that it’s just so damn popular so you taking the risk of smelling like other guys. but there is a good reason why its so popular. check out more about it on amazon.

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme is just so unique and sexy that quite honestly its hard to write about, you need to smell it to understand the wonder of this magical fragrance.

You can read more reviews on Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme at

The king of all other Men fragrances , the one to rule them all.

the mighty Creed Aventus – long time favorite of many guys (and girls). creed smell is fresh and clean. hopeful you like pineapples because that’s the main note. women tend to go nuts when they smell it on a men. you will get countless positive reactions about it from both girls and guys (well mostly girls). only drawback – its not cheap, but it worth every penny. check it at

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