Uses of estrogen blockers and how to use them in daily life

Estrogen blockers, testosterone boosters or aromatase inhibitors, whatever one decide to call them are very commonly used by both males and females especially by those who want to develop an amazing body. Athletes and body builders are on the top of the list of estrogen blockers users.


Medically these increase the levels of testosterone in the body and decrease the levels of estrogen thus this help in decreasing the male boobs (gynecomastia treatment). It helps in building the muscle mass and also decreasing the unwanted fat flabs all over the body especially abdomen. Thus it is used as weight reducing agent and muscle builders by athletes and body builders. There is a feeling of increased strength and alertness due to increase in testosterone levels.

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In females, the symptoms of mood swings and depression caused by increased estrogen levels. There is importance of keeping a hormonal balance within the female body and this requires having ample amount of testosterone in the body. It has been documented that this hormonal balance and the decrease in the estrogen levels can lead to decrease in the incidence of breast cancer and endometrial cancers. Premenstrual syndrome symptoms can also be controlled after using these blockers in the prescribed doses.

Osteoporosis is a common condition seen in females which leads to increase in the bone breaking episodes due to thinning of the bone. Estrogen blockers help maintain this bone density and huge reduction in the incidence of fractures is seen in females. Female athletes and body builders also vouch for using estrogen blockers to maintain a manly physique which is strong and have more endurance due to increased levels of testosterone in the body.

After knowing the uses and effect of these estrogen blockers, the main question is on how to use these estrogen blockers in order to avoid the expected side effects. The first and foremost rule of using any medication also applies to these testosterone boosters is that these are not to be taken as self-medication and should only be used after prescription from an experienced doctor.

Over dosage in hope of gaining extra benefits from these estrogen blockers especially in cases of athletes and body builders is to be avoided in all cases. This will lead to unwanted complication rather than gaining of any added benefits. Pregnant and breast feeding ladies should avoid the usage of these estrogen blockers as this will have harmful effect on the baby as well as the mother.

overdose of estrogen blockers

Estrogen blockers are used during or after a prohormone cycle. The action of a prohormone is to enhance the effect of the existing anabolic steroid hormone i.e. testosterone within the body. Taken during the cycle, these blockers help to limit the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Taken after the cycle, these help to prevent the rebound gynecomastia in men. These can be incorporated into the post cycle therapy regime used by men to attain the desired results.

Depending upon what kind of estrogen blockers one use i.e. capsules or powder form, one needs to follow the given regime on the packaging box of the estrogen blocker very strictly. Any changes in the regimes can lead to unwanted side effects of these estrogen blockers.

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